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Month: June 2010

awww…Look what Anna made!!

OK! I have to tell you about Anna…just a little (or she’ll kill me…well, no, but you know what I mean:) haha) Anna is 15 1/2 now, she has just broken out of her shy shell….and I mean shy’er than shy!!!!! she was…..and that just started since she began her High School life! She just […]

Can’t wait anymore!

Gotta start somewhere, soooo…..I’m gonna open “The Jule Box” and make my kits and things available again! I’m gonna start by uploading my haul vid from I have had this box for almost 2 weeks and haven’t opened it, can you believe that!? I can’t…lol.. I also got some goodies in the mail from […]

omg! It’s been so long!!!!!!!!

Well, what can I catch you up on??….other than what you already know from the previous post….I have rested, but also have filled orders…which is funny because I got a couple new orders from some sweet sweet ladies after I had the “time off” video and blog posted and when I emailed them about it, […]

See in a little while! (As of today)

Hello my friends!  I wanted to let you all know that I will be gone for a little while. I would love to say that I will return on Monday June 21st, I will try sooner, but we’ll see.  Without getting into too much detail, there are health issues that has slowed me down so […]

A Parisian inspired Postcard Pocket layout!

Hello all! I hope you guys are having an awesome weekend! Well as I’ve mentioned in videos past….I am late on swaps….like 2 months late!! Well, things have happened in my life and I have been delayed…but I am catching up! I only have 2 swaps left now and this is one of them! A […]