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About Me

Welcome! I’m Jules

My Crafty Journey

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Being creative has always been an outlet for me. I think the very first taste of making something with my hands was when I was about 5 as I watched my mom make a dress for me.

If you sew you know that you need to always check measurements right? One day my Mom called me in her room so she can get measurements from my shoulders to my wrists for sleeves and from my waist to the bottom of my knobby knees for the length of a dress! I can still see that 70’s pattern in my head with the browns and orange stripes!!! Ah, you know those colors are making a comeback right!?

Anyways, mom had showed me what she would do with some larger scraps of fabric and taught me how to pin pieces right sides together giving a seam allowance ….. now I didn’t realize at that moment that she was teaching me how to make a little itty bitty body cross over purse with a snap closure!….to match my dress!! I’m literally laughing as I type this! Sweet memory though…really sweet! I LOVE you mom!

I tried making all kinds of things when I was little and of course when it was time for arts and crafts at school I was ready, with a little apron and all!! 

Fast forward, when I started my family I had a camera and like every mom, I took pictures all the time. Of course there were no cell phones 30 years ago like today but I always had a new roll of film at the ready for my little Kodak camera!

All I knew about scrapbooking was maybe adding a little journaling behind a photo and tucking those in an album. Not as fun a s today’s scrapbooking, that’s for sure! There’s SO much you can do now!

In 2008 when I had to leave my job because of a back injury I discovered Youtube and I’m thankful I did! I watched some awesome talented ladies create scrapbooking projects, make cards, creating photo layouts and dimensional projects! It was amazing! I found myself in LOVE with paper!

My recent kick is making invitations for baby showers, birthdays and weddings. Unfortunately I got into that while on a Sabbatical from Youtube so I didn’t share most of those projects anywhere. I will though.

Needless to say, I started my own channel in Dec of 2009! It became my therapy and brought back some light in my life as I began to discover my love of handmade paper projects!

After leaving my job again in 2020 due to my dad having a stroke and passed away in September 2021, I slowly am returning to YouTube.

My love of paper crafts has never gone away…I’m enjoying the invitations and invitation sets (ie., Menu Cards, Table cards/labels, paper fans, confetti) I’m making for my family. You’ll find them here at The Jule Box Studios Blog!

The Jule Box Studios
Something else about me!

Other than my obsession with paper, I’m so head over heels for my kids and my bestie (my hubby Manny of 34 years). I’ve got 2 babies, Manny Jr, 33 and Anna 27… oh and our furbaby Charley girl who is now 15 years old!

We live in Southeast Washington state, been here in the Pacific Northwest for almost 25 years and I love it! What I love is that we can see all 4 seasons throughout the year, always something special to see!

Both kids are now out of the house and doing their thing. We’re super proud but now are empty nesters!


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A rare moment captured in Portland, Oregon 2022!

I also have 2 older brothers, Danny and Tony, I’m very close with that live in LA with my mom (my Papi passed away in September 2021) and I see as often as I can. My LA family mean the world to me and we have so much fun together! 

My brother Tony, his wife Lisa and Manny and I just started traveling together at least once a year for now until everyone is officially retired but I do vlog our visits and travels! If you would like to hang out with “Team Tequila” at my “At Jules House” channel, I’ll link my social media to the right….see those icon buttons?

That’s it about my personal life for now, you’ll have to watch our videos…. *wink. 

As of this moment I am moving my “At Jules House” blog over to WordPress from Blogger so It’s still under construction but you can visit if you’d like, link is over to the right!

Feel free to share!