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Baby Sewing Project: Making Bibs, Washcloths, Burp Cloths and Rabbit Ear Teethers!

Hello everyone!

A while back I posted on Instagram ( @thejuleboxstudios ) a photo of the Greenery set I made. These were all so pretty!! Not sure where the burp cloths went….hmm

Click the button below to watch the video for today’s post!

Niyah (aka Buggie) had already been born at the time of this project but Camila wasn’t yet, she still needed a few more weeks but I had always dreamed of sewing some baby things once I became a Nana but as I’ve mentioned before, my kids aren’t planning on any children sooooo, I’ve been dubbed the “Tia Abuela” (Auntie Nana) to Lisa and Tony’s grand babies! It makes me happy like seriously happy and I LOVE them all like they’s mine.

Back in October of 2021, the daughter of a friend of mine just had a son and she made some cute little bibs for him. When I saw his picture I was drooling myself, he’s such a handsome little guy!! When she told me she made those for him I asked if I could borrow it for our little girls, she was super sweet about it and brought me one to use as a pattern! You’ll see how I did that in the video! Make sure you read the notations in the video too.

The baby girls I was making this for was for Camila and Niyah. I’ve featured Niyah quite a bit in my Vlogs over “At Jules House” channel where I share my family, life and travels. Camila lives in Arizona with Mama, Daddy, older brother Anthony and their dog Remi! Come by and say hi!

Let me show you how gorgeous they both are!!

They are 6 months apart and both growing smart and healthy! We’re so grateful that God blessed the family twice that year in 2021!! Notice their bibs? And Niyah is biting on her teether? They’re holding up well I’m told.

Now let’s talk a little about the bib. I created a pattern FOR REFERENCE ONLY. See below.

This bib is reversible and able to be worn in 3 different sizes!! I’ll share links to the tools and supplies I used below. Since my friend is not really on social media she has no pattern to share so I did my best on the reference page above but I wanted to see if I could find a free pattern or 2 to help you guys if you were looking for one. The bib outline on my reference page belongs to Marta from “indiepeek“. She has one of the best pattern with instruction sheets I’ve ever seen!! No, seriously! You must download it, YOU MUST!!

The next pattern is nice and simple from Cat from “Mary Martha Mama“. All of her instructions are in her blog post and all you need to do is download her pattern! Easy Peasy!

Now obviously there are many different styles of closures for any bib. You have your metal snaps like I used, there are plastic snaps, sew on snaps, velcro, buttons, string type to tie in a bow and I’ve seen nothing but a slit where you’ll pull one side into it! You do you Booboo! Whatever makes it nice and simple or not for you.

Another thing is the size of the bib, you can adjust the % on any printed pattern to get the right size so grab your ruler.

Let’s continue…..

The free patterns for the Rabbit Ear Teether were found at these 2 websites! I’m so grateful to those that share their patterns freely! Thank you at “All About Quilts” for the small pattern I used and thank you too Jess from “Willow and Stitch” for the larger pattern!!

Those beechwood rings I found were in a 6 pk for for almost $20 on Etsy at “Coffee and Kids” shop. She doesn’t have those rings but other shapes and items for babies.

The Burp Cloths and Washcloths were SUPER simple to make. The Burp cloths measure 18″x12″. The Washcloths measure 7″x8″.

Almost all of the fabric came 2 ply or 2 layers but the cream one was in 4 layers, nice and thick! I made everything to total 8 layers for durability, warmth and absorbency. The top/front (2 layer), the backside (2 layer) and the stuffing (which again was the creamy 4 layer fabric) or I used the pattern fabric that’s 2 layers then a 2 layer stuffing with the 4 layer for the backing…still 8 layers!

Tools and Supplies for this project:

  • Beechwood teethers 2 3/4″ rings.
  • Dritz Easy Attacher Kit or HERE
  • Dritz size 15 snap fasteners in White and Nickel
  • Mini Mallet Hammer for crafts
  • All Fabrics are Cotton Gauze/Bubble See some HERE. There’s so much more at the Joann Store!
  • Sewing fabric Scissors. I designate 1 for fabrics and 1 for paper!
  • Rotary Cutter similar to mine. Holds 45mm circular blade. Find refills HERE.
  • 6″x24″ Fiskars Acrylic Ruler
  • Sewing machine (I have a “Singer Simple” and a “Brother LX 2763” I used the Brother machine for this project but it is about 8 yrs old.
  • Thread- I used white, cream and some that were coordinating colors. These were “All Purpose” thread.
  • Quilting Pins HERE and HERE
  • Fabric Marker that’s washable. My grease pen we’ve had in a drawer FOREVER and doesn’t wash off but it does fade.
  • Pinking Shears HERE
  • Iron and Ironing board
  • Spray bottle of water

You can find tons of craft tools, supplies and equipment I use HERE.

Well I think that’s it. Until the next sewing project….which I’ve already purchased fabric for it….heehee, I’ll share when I’m able. Wish me luck!!

Have a great rest of your week!

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