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Category: Home Decor

Home Decor: Super Simple Floral Basket

Hey crafters! I’ve got a simple home decor project to share today! Well, I hadn’t been out for a few weeks because of some physical issues and today, I needed to get out. Someplace cheery that would lift my mood….so I went to “look around” to see what was new at Hobby Lobby!! Ever get […]

Table Decor for Anna’s Veterinary Tech program Graduation! || My first balloon wall!!

Hey Crafter’s! In todays post I wanna share one of the happiest moments in our lives! My baby girl Anna graduated from a Veterinary Tech program here in Washington….I explain more in the video…but I was excited that she volunteered me to help with some table decor for her graduation ceremony for 10 graduates in […]

Home Decor: Shabby Pots!

  Hello Blog world!! Some of you might know that I’ve recently moved and sadly I’m not all done unpacking! I think it’s because I know we’re not gonna be here forever….but anyhow, I want to make this place as homey and as comfortable as I can! I’m in love with plants and flowers and […]

Shabby “Winter Angel Dressform”!

Hello everyone! Just FYI….this is an edited post…I had it almost ready to go last month but because of my accident (I mentioned on FB), I could not sit long enough to work on it….I couldn’t even finish the video editing (still need to rest)…but I did have this project done and now, after working […]