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Category: Little tips and tuts

Cool Pinterest pics using PicMonkey!

Hello everyone! Just sharing some of my printed pics! I use PicMonkey to add watermarks and do collages and it’s very simple! I share the images I printed out at my local 60 minute photo shop (of course you can print these out yourself on your photo printer) and had 8×8 printed with lots of […]

Flower Tutorial: Handmade Paper Lily!

Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by today! I’m sharing my handmade Lily flower! These are the ones I made in my last project….the “Grungy Flower Pot”! These are pretty easy to make…sort of similar to the floral sprays I made (you can watch the video HERE), well, in regards to the floral wire and floral […]

“White Washing” technique!

Hello everyone! A quick tutorial on “white washing”. I got several emails from viewers about how or what this is so I thought I would share with you guys! It’s a very easy technique, nothing to it, all you’ll need is a white based paint or white gesso, a paint brush or spongy applicator and […]