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Category: Little tips and tuts

How I fix my YT video dimensions in blogger, with video tutorial!!

 7|10|22 EDITED:  If you’re coming from Youtube …… this isn’t Blogger, meh, oh well. I’ve just moved to WordPress in July 2022 Buuuutt this tutorial will still work in Blogger. Just wanted to note that. Anyhow, onward with the post…   Hello makers and creators!   Some of you may know that I’ve been on […]

Tutorial: How to make an elegant square style envelope!

Hello everyone! I hope your week is going well:)   One of my passions in paper crafting has been designing party invites and announcements for family events. I’m currently working on a Wedding set for a client in Los Angeles who is getting married in February 2015. I’ve already finished up her “Save the Date” […]

Make your own tool for placing tiny embellishments!!

Hello again! As I was making these cute little “Tiffany & Co” baby shower invites I started to add on these rhinestones, they were self adhesive    (There’s a full post and more pics in the previous post) but I didn’t like that I had to cut them up and that when I did there […]

Cool Pinterest pics using PicMonkey!

Hello everyone! Just sharing some of my printed pics! I use PicMonkey to add watermarks and do collages and it’s very simple! I share the images I printed out at my local 60 minute photo shop (of course you can print these out yourself on your photo printer) and had 8×8 printed with lots of […]

Flower Tutorial: Handmade Paper Lily!

Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by today! I’m sharing my handmade Lily flower! These are the ones I made in my last project….the “Grungy Flower Pot”! These are pretty easy to make…sort of similar to the floral sprays I made (you can watch the video HERE), well, in regards to the floral wire and floral […]

“Pretty-ing Up” your seam binding, tutorial!

Hello! I hope all is well! I have a tutorial to share with you guys today on behalf of  Wild Orchid Crafts Youtube design team! Today I’m sharing how to dye, stain, wrinkle and tie a multi-loop bow with Wild Orchid Crafts seam binding! I also added a small bonus tip in my video for small cute little […]

“White Washing” technique!

Hello everyone! A quick tutorial on “white washing”. I got several emails from viewers about how or what this is so I thought I would share with you guys! It’s a very easy technique, nothing to it, all you’ll need is a white based paint or white gesso, a paint brush or spongy applicator and […]

Paypal Tutorial for Crafters!

Hello everyone! I have a quick tutorial to show you how to add a comment to your paypal purchase and how to make a purchase! I added a couple other things in my video too, so if you want, take a peek! Thanks so much!

Blogger tutorial!

Hello everyone! I am doing this tutorial for a friend who is starting on blogger. I hope this video helps others out there! Note that I am still using the old blogger interface.  Thanks so much! Jules

Making simple tags for Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing something pretty simple to make….something for the season! These tags I made are for a tag image swap I joined over at           Ms Velma’s blog!! I regretfully could not join for the month of November as there are so many things that come around this […]