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Table Decor for Anna’s Veterinary Tech program Graduation! || My first balloon wall!!

Hey Crafter’s! In todays post I wanna share one of the happiest moments in our lives! My baby girl Anna graduated from a Veterinary Tech program here in Washington….I explain more in the video…but I was excited that she volunteered me to help with some table decor for her graduation ceremony for 10 graduates in […]

I quit my job after 2 decades!

It’s about 3:30 am. I’ve been sitting at my desk trying to get this blog ready for days and days. I didn’t even see July roll in! I shared a video… I think a week ago titled “I quit my job after 2 decades, what now?” I’ll share that in this post rather than typing […]

Quick life update and what’s coming!

Hello friends! Hope ya’ll are well!!   There’s some new changes coming and I just wanted to share some thoughts and update you on what they all might be. Just thoughts about my life, my family and things I want to do.    Here is the link to my Youtube vlogging channel “At Jules House”! […]

My newest update!!

Well, It’s almost Spring…..tomorrow actually! YAY!!! It’s been a very very long Winter, and although I enjoy the Winter time…by the time the end of January comes I feening for some sun and growth! I don’t know about you but Spring is like a breath of fresh air and it’s just beautiful!Over these last almost […]

New look for “The Jule Box” blog….

Hello everyone!I wanted to introduce my new blog look for “The Jule Box”…now, “The Jule Box Studios”! I’m excited about it but a little sad too…I’ll explain… I found a WONDERFULLY talented blog designer about 3 years ago or so, Karen Valentine who designed a beautiful vintage style blog for The Jule Box and The […]