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My projects, Happy Easter and Happy Birthday Big Bro!!

Hello and how are you?? I’ve missed you guys….seriously, this is totally for the birds! I don’t even really know what that means! LOL 😉  but seriously…I miss you people….ma’ peeps!! I miss crafting and posting stuffs and reading your comments and blogs and stuffs…..and watching your videos…..I have tried to watch a few here […]

Update on my life and move….

Hello everyone! Well a lot of things have gone on since my last post on March 11th. We did move out of Oregon into Washington and found a home🙂 Our house is a mess, full of boxes but slowly I’ll get things in order! I have 1 room to paint….it’s a very not pretty pink….it’s […]

Bittersweet news….

Hello, A year and a half ago I was so excited when the opportunity came when I could move in with my parents to help. To be with them meant I could keep an eye out for them…..and to watch my dad cuz he’s in his terrible “83’s” stage in his life…he’s a little ornery, […]

A 2013 Triple Graduation in the Aviles House!!

Hello!! I’ve been wanting to share this post for a while! Just had to wait til it was all said and done, and now that it is……I’m excited to post pics and things! If you’ve followed me on FB this year you’ll know that one of the highlights for this family were all the graduates! […]

My visit with Beverly at “The Piece By Piece”!!

Hello and happy almost weekend!! Today I’m excited to finally start sharing my traveling  adventures with you all! So if you follow me on FB, you’ll know that I’ve had a busy Summer with my family….hmmmm, maybe I’ve shared that here too?:) One of my stops as I traveled to Los Angeles was a pit […]

Graduation Month in The Aviles house!!

Hello and Happy Sunday!!  So, I have just gotten up, I slept for about 11 hours or so…yesterday too! I never sleep this good so I’m thankful for the rest! Most of you know that my whole family is graduating this year!!  My daughter just this past Friday, my hubby from College in a couple […]