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Well my friends!    Another long day for me….I’ve been working on this paypal button issue I’ve had for weeks over at and thanks to my awesome blog designer Karen! I think the issue is now resolved! But please let me know if you have any issues. It helps so much when you all let […]

Welcome to My New Shop!!

Hello everyone!Today is just an announcement!!:) But it’s exciting to me and I have to share it!A few weeks ago I wanted to make it easier for people to find my products that I sell and after giving it a lot of thought, I realized that what I needed to do is to open up […]

Just some info to let you be aware of!

Hey there everyone, thanks for stopping by for a sec! I am making changes on here…well, it all has to do with the shop part of my blog. I recently pulled the link to my lace post because of really bad code issues. I apologize for the inconvenience this is causing. I will be moving […]

I’ll be gone for a bit…..

Hello everyone, If you follow my FB and blog you probably already know what’s been going on in my household at the moment! It’s been a great month of celebration! My kids and hubby are graduating…actually my hubby’s graduation commencement was this past Satuday, Anna’s was May 31st and my son’s is coming up here […]

An Antique Show you won’t want to miss!!!

This is the show!!! I went for my first time last year with my momma and I can’t wait to get there this year! It is soooo filled with some of the coolest antiques I’ve ever laid my eyeballs on!  Just sayin’!! Take a peek into their world so that you can hopefully become part […]

Flower challenge winners!!!

Hello everyone!! Here is the video announcing the winners of my flower challenge! (Here’s the original video with a tutorial on my flowers) ***** My CHALLENGE winners work is this! 1st winner!! From Karen Conner on YouTube! 2nd winner!! From Joannegreathead on YouTube!  ***** Thanks so much for hanging out! I’ll be sharing a new […]

My “April Build-a-Flower” Giveaway!!

Hello again! It’s almost time to giveaway some goodies! Earlier in March I shared a flower tut with you guys and decided to give away some awesome Wild Orchid Crafts yummies….including some of their new laces they just released…….. so I’m checking in on you!! How are your flowers coming along!? Just so you know, […]

“Discount Paper Crafts Design Challenge” Round #2!

Hello everyone!!! It’s that time again, it’s round #2 now…see the info in the video below! Voting will be open to anyone between March 30th-April 1st!! Please vote by emailing Cathie, I’ll give all that info in the “It’s Time to Vote” video I’ll be releasing the 30th!! Hope you’ll join in and vote as […]

It’s a “Discount Paper Crafts” Crafty rumble event!!

Hello everyone!! Please watch the video for info…. Here is the blog post with all the detailed info from Cathie’s blog….. Many of you have heard about Discount Paper Crafts Design Challenge 2013.  All six contestants have been notified and agreed to accept the challenge.  I wanted our international voters to be able to participate […]

Did you order a lace bundle!?? :)

Hey there everyone! Since last weekend when I posted my lace sale, I had no idea I would get the response that I did! I had SOOOOOO many orders that first day that I just finished filling orders for that day, 2 days ago!!!! Seriously!  So I just wanted to tell everyone thank you Thank […]