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An Award!….for me?

OMG! I didn’t know these existed! What a sweet surprise. So, Arlene at butterflykisseswithlove.blogspot.comleft me a message t go get my award at her blog! Awww, this really was a “huh”? moment! I couldn’t believe it..haha So, the following are rules to accepting this award: 1. Thank the person who nominated you2. Copy the award […]

Finally Home!!

I missed my scrap room so bad! I was away in Cali for over 2 weeks….ahhh! I couldn’t create anything…oh wait I did glue some paper onto a scalloped tag chip mini from Mikes…but that was all. Oh well, …. I had fun visiting with my sister but then when her uncle got sick she […]

I love my kids!!

I’m in L.A and so many shops around….I’m kinda stuck at home because I don’t have a car and my son walks in and asked me if he could take me anywhere (and at this point Lisa has been driving me and shopping with me but she’s had a family emergency and has been with […]

YT Scrappy Sisters out to Lunch!

What an awesome treat to be able to gather with far away friends. We are scrappy sisters for ever. (In pic order) Myself, Yolie, Leonie and Wai Wai. I was able to get a lunch date set up and meet at Ruby’s at the Citadel Outlet Plaza. We had so much fun, sharing gifts and […]

What Up “Jewels”!!?

Well….I love coming to LA! I have been here for 4 days and I am on cloud nine! I have my sister, her husband and my almost 20 year old here and I <3    (that’s my heart) them so much. When I’m at home in Oregon…(gotta put some pics up here to show ya what […]

My first post……yay!!

My first post and is always growing! Hello everyone! I want to share a little bit of me with the world…with people. People who share similar interests and that wanna share themselves too. Being on the internet or You-Tube or other online communities has become something everyone wants to do…well not every single being but, […]