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Hello Friends!

I’m finally able to share my new space with you all! I’m excited about it!

I 1st shared a video of my old room right before we moved out.
 If you’re interested, here’s the video!

I recorded clips of the progress of this move. From when we moved in, to cleaning and painting and organizing……all I’m saying is that I’m glad it’s done!

But here is the video!

So we are finally settled….yay!!! I have unpacked my space and organized it! 
Here is the final video of my studio tour! 

Here are some pics of my new space!!
~”My Hutch”~

~”Lace storage inside”~
~”Vintage School Mail Sorter”~
This is the mail sorter I was able to snatch up. It was not attractive at all at first. All I’m saying is thank you Lord for paint! Here is what it looked like before!
All these slots are removable. There are tons and I only painted about 20 of them….seriously, I wasn’t gonna paint all 10,000 of them!!! JK…There aren’t that many, but there is way more than I want to paint! LoL!!
…and up close!!

I really LOVE this piece and so glad I was able to rescue it 
before it became fire wood! whew!!

Here’s the shelf the mail sorter rests on! 
(It’s also bolted to the wall studs!)
~”Small Bookshelf”~
(my kids grew up with this shelf)

~”Lace Display”~

~”Jetmax and Expidit wall”~

~”Blue Glass” Decor~

~Overlooking my room~

~”My Office”~
This table was a sweet find at an antique store, it was not in the best shape, so I sanded it and re-painted it, then re-distressed it!
Here is what this kitchen table looked like before, then after!
I really fell in LOVE!

Someone was trying to stain it without removing the paint! 
Not too pretty right?
So, a little sanding…wait, no, a lot of sanding….took me 3 days….not easy for a girl with Fibromyalgia and a bad back. I didn’t want my hubby doing it because I really wanted to do it on my own….so it took me 3 days to sand, wipe clean then paint 2 coats of white paint, then sanded it to add the distressed look! 
I really love this table! Especially the arm extension pull outs to hold the leaf sides up! Way cool!!
~”Sewing Station”~
~”My Favorite Corner”~
~IKEA “Norden” Work Tables~
(my work station)
~”3 Tier Basket Storage”~

(Found at the “Home Goods” store)

~”Work Space and Storage”~

~”Tabletop Tool Station”~

~”Work Station”~
(Close up)

~”Storage and File Boxes”~

~”Die cutting and Prepping Station”~

~Other side of my Work station~
(Die cutting and prepping area)

~”Storage Rack”~
(it was a $3 yard sale find!!)
~”Dresser Storage and Peg Board”~

~”Sizzix and Accucut Die Storage”~
(These are CD shelving units)

~”Wood Stove”~
(non-functioning, but it’s the new “plant parking spot”)

~”Parisian Display”~

~”Entertainment Center Storage”~
(Holds my Accucut large dies, Vintage finds and storage boxes of fabrics 
and floral pieces for using in projects)

~”My Royal!!”~
(It’s beautiful!)

~”Vintage Dresser and Accucut Table”~

It’s now October and I’m ready for the Fall so I can spend cozy days and nights in our new home with my parents and create new memories! 

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Thanks for stopping in!
xo, Jules:)
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