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Craft Studio Vlog: “The Home Edit” Haul || Embellishment cabinet Update!!

I’ve been stewing about this for a while. I overthink things a lot so some projects take longer than they need to. Not sure why I stress myself out though. This whole change took me a year to think about, can you believe that? OMG!! Click the button for today’s video!

Hello crafters! Hope you guys are well and that your Easter weekend was awesome with family and friends!! Did you host or were you a guest? Tell me about it in the comments!

Today’s post is a studio vlog about what I did to my embellishment cabinet where I shared in my Final Studio Tour, did you see it? If not, I’ll link it in the button below….and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel ok, I thank ya!!

This was an old kitchen cabinet I found at a Goodwill for $12 or $14. Brace yourself, LOL here it is!!!

I couldn’t tell if the cabinet was a bottom piece or if it was standing upside down!! Turns out it was upside down, Ha!! I loved it the minute I saw it and the fact that I paired it with a totally different “buffet” looking cabinet and it fit, IT WAS PERFECT!! You can see that in my “FINAL Studio Tour Video” linked above.

Once I refinished it, I chalk painted it and added new hardware (that I chalk painted too). At the top of the cabinet I added a wood scroll from Hobby Lobby for a touch of shabby!!

I do explain it in the video but these dollar store shoe boxes fit great in there and my packaged embellishments fit well but there were many shoe boxes that didn’t have much in them and I wanted to condense them into a different bin to stack them in the bottom part of this cabinet.

So, what did I do?? Have you ever heard of “The Home Edit“? They’ve got products at Walmart, bins to be exact. I would stop and walk by them for months and months then finally, bought 4 bins, took them home and then I knew I wanted them. Click the image for the link.

Now don’t get me wrong, the shoe boxes worked great but they were taking up a lot of space and the boxes weren’t very clear. If I didn’t have the funds for this project I would have been well organized with the dollar store shoe boxes but I wanted something new and updated and I really just liked these bins. They were a lot more clear and sturdy and I loved that they were stackable!

One con I will say about these bins….. I do have to take out the stack if I needed the bin in the middle or the very bottom one….oh, and because the cabinet had 3 doors I do have to take a stack out to get to the neighboring bins because the door frames were in the way and couldn’t get to them otherwise, BUT that’s the cabinets faults really, not the bins! LOL

I struggled if I should add the after photo to this post because I’d hoped you’d just watch the video but I was so proud of it!!

I fit everything in those bins and made more room to put away some baby fabric I had sitting on one of my counters that was taking up space. Did you notice? I actually have a bin that has 5 brands of embellishments in it!

Well, I will leave you here! I thank you for stopping by to peek! I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend.

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