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Hello everyone!

Just an fyi on a couple things for you to know….I don’t usually send these, but I know that not everyone is on FB and so not everyone sees the updates I post there! So, I’ll try to do this every now and again! 🙂


1- I have several items on my “Glues and Mediums” post that are out of stock (OOS) and I will be restocking…..I have a shipment coming at the end of this week! So if you happen to put something in your cart (which you can view anytime by clicking on the “View cart” button on the right side of my blog just before the sales listings) and as you check out you notice it had dropped out, it may be because it’s OOS. Ok!

2- I have added a few new item in that listing, like, embossing ink, UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel), a 6″ brayer/roller, the pink ATG etc, take a peek here!

3- There are a few things any new customer should know in the “Store Policy” section (which is subject to change at anytime). One of the most important things I make sure to do is to remind people that shipping is billed separately after you order in every single sales post and once that is emailed, a reminder is scheduled to go out every 2 days…sometimes I miss a day and goes on a 3rd day, but either way, they keep coming until payment is received, but I do send a card via postal mail after the 3rd or so has been sent so I am sure you get notice somehow!

4- To all yahoo email account holders…Yahoo has a habit of sending any and all Paypal emails straight into Spam folders!! So you may never see them… even when I send reminders, this is what the card in the mail is for. So in this case once you know something has been sent and there is no record in your regular inbox, you may want to look in the Spam folder…AND if you don’t see it there, you will have to go into your paypal account and you’ll be able to look it up there!

5- As of today, there are just a few Prima stamps in the Clearance section I’ve added….sometimes I get 1-2 too many when I place orders:) hee hee

6- Just a reminder, I know some of you already know…but I do take custom orders! I have a detailed section in the “Store Policies” section! But just a quick note, I can most likely get any new released item or collection, they aren’t considered new after 6 months since companies release collections about every 6-8 months, or annually! Older collections are pretty difficult to find…so let me know if I can assist in that area!

This is about all I wanted to share, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!

May God Bless you and yours!

Best Wishes, Jules:)


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