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Farmhouse Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Hello and Happy almost Thanksgiving then Christmas!

I love this time of year….I don’t like how busy it gets some years but ahhh, the change in the seasons out here in the Pacific Northwest are mesmerizing to me. If you didn’t know, I live in Southeastern Washington State! When we get snow, it’s beautiful, although we don’t get snow like New York or something it is still so pretty!

Today I get to share with you 3 handmade ornaments I’ve been working on these last few months. They are a black and white Gingham print, very Farmhouse decor inspired with a tiny hint of red! I just posted a haul video of what I used, click HERE to watch! For today’s project video click the button below!

About 7 years ago I created 3 Shabby Chic inspired handmade ornaments that is my most watched video with over 700,000 views!! I’m so honored! I’ve wanted to make another video of handmade ornaments and now was the time!

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The cheapest way for me to make these was to use chipboard, medium weight, which is still pretty sturdy especially when they are dry and attached to other chipboard pieces!

Before I go on, there will be a list of products with links at the end of this post. I will do my best to link the same or similar products for you. Let’s move along!

I tried to see if there was anyone who’s constructed them from chipboard to see how successful I could be and I honestly could not find one. I did see someone made some ornaments with kraft paper which isn’t sturdy enough to hold decorations in them and someone who made them from flat reed wood which is a great idea too but they cost about $20 per coil and I wanted to use what I had. I think the reed wood could also work, HERE’S one I found on Amazon if you’re interested, I just don’t know how sturdy they’ll be for your decorations. At any rate, these came out just as I envisioned them they would and I’m sure you could make them too!!

The Shutter was the most simple of all 3, super dainty and small. One was 3 1/2″ tall and the other was 3″ tall. The most time consuming part was sanding everything down to get that distressed look I was going for. Let me show you some pics! Now obviously I didn’t paint the backside, I still may before I hang them on my tree but I didn’t think it would be a huge deal when I made them.

The Embroidery Hoop ornament was fun to make!! Getting the chipboard to bend just right was the trickiest but I got it down! Just FYI, I did break a few and bent quite a few because they weren’t damp enough but that’s ok, that’s how I learned!

It took a bit for them to dry so I tried to wet them and shape them as quickly as I could so they would be ready to use the next day!

Oh Mmmy Goooodness….the Tobacco Basket!! Can we just talk about this for a sec?!

I’m glad a tried my best to get these made! I wasn’t sure how sturdy they would be but wow, these can hold a lot of greenery and a tree and a box with greenery and a swag! I should’ve weighed it LOL! These can be used for any season really. I thought of making an even smaller one to place on a charger for Thanksgiving with a name tag in it for place settings, maybe making deeper ones and adding a handle for Easter eggs!! or to place a bouquet of flowers in it for that beautiful Farmhouse Decor!! Like seriously so versatile!

OK, rant over! LOL…. Let’s look at some pics ok?!

I hope you en joyed the pics from some process to final images. But now, let me stop yapping so I can share my video tutorial on how I made all 3 of these cute ornaments!!

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Products listed are either what I used or similar products you can use!

Tools and Software I used in this project:

Thank you so much for stopping in! I wish you the warmest of Holidays! Be safe!!

Disclaimer: This video, project or post is not sponsored. Be aware that the tobacco basket is a dupe of the Hobby Lobby basket. I claim no rights of ownership to their product design, although I recreated the basket I made in this video with many differences in materials and differences in design. The other ornaments were designs I came up with. Thank you.

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