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Flying to Ontario California || Scrapbook Expo Haul!

Hey friends!

I’ll be sharing a haul video today (I love hauls)!

In October 2023 the Expo was holding their show at the Ontario Convention Center 1 week before an event my brother is doing for the OC Japan Fair. I’ve mentioned my brother’s business and did a vlog about it, watch that video HERE. Anyhoo, I left in time to get to the Expo. I wasn’t sure how this would turn out since the previous Expo’s were duds but man, this one was GREAT!! Alissa, my niece wanted to go with me so I stayed at her house and we went together, besides she’s maybe 10 minutes away!! It was a fun day!! Alissa loved it and was so sweet when I needed to take breaks and sit. We had lunch together and just hung out like shopping buddies!

Watch my video by clicking the button below. I’ll show you some booths while sharing my haul!

I mentioned that I saw Teresa Collins and we took a picture! I’ve met her 2 other times at CHA, she’s super sweet and chatted with us like we were old friends. Alissa even invited her to her Salon for a free service if she wanted! I’ll definitely go to the Ontario Expo in the future if I can!

I’ve never seen Copic Markers for $4 ea, ever! You can find them here and there but sometimes they are much more spendy. I’ll list what I can below of the things I shared.

I hope you enjoyed today’s haul! Have an amazing day!

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