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From Tomato Cages to “Wintery Forest Trees”!

Hello and happy upcoming weekend!!


Today’s post is about transforming something that was purposed for one thing… into another! 

If you’re a gardener, tomato cages are something you may be familiar with. I used mine for my gardens for as long as I have had a garden! The thing is that you buy these in the Spring for when your tomatoes are planted and then they grow in abundance in the Summer, which is when the cages are handy, then when they are about done after the last of the harvesting in September or so, I usually remove them and put them away in the garage for the Winter and they’ll be there for when I need them again for the next Spring!

Changing the use of them makes them very versatile and so this way, you can about use them throughout the entire year! Why not if they’re just gonna be collecting webs in the garage or shed right?

I recorded the basic process of putting these together and I have posted the video below for you to watch if you’d like, then following that are pictures of them at “Elm Street Antiques” located in Hermiston, Oregon! Check out their Facebook page, it’s chuck full of Vintage and “New Vintage” item pics. It’s eye candy for the Shabby Vintage lovers!! I will share a visit on video of this beautiful shop soon, so stay tuned! 🙂

This is what they looked like before the transformation….

I made a topiary years ago using the largest cage and I always wanted to make Christmas trees out of a set of them. The opportunity came to make them for “ESA” (Elm Street Antiques) and I was thrilled they let me do that!! You can decorate these to fit your taste and decor! Be totally free to experiment with different colors and seasons!

Now, they humbly grace the porch of the store (it was an old house) and right by the front door! 🙂 Thank you Paula and Terri!!




From this…………………………….. to this! What a fun project! 

Products used for this project:
~Large and medium size tomato cages (found at any home improvement store)
~Dried grape vine branches (found at craft stores)
~9′ Pine garland from Walmart
~Old Burlap fabric, for the bows at the tops and for a “ground cover”.
~Cinnamon scented (optional) pine cones (centered inside the cages)
~Jute Twine to tie the branches to the cages.
~E6000 glue (from my shop, TJBS) to glue the top loose stems of the cages to make them more secure and stable!

I do hope you’ll make some for your home!!

Coming in every week to help Paula with…pretty much anything she needs help with is a HUGE treat for me! I always tell her I have a blast coming in…I really do!!! It’s like my weekly play date with her! lol 🙂

I hope to share more about the store soon, but for today, this is my share! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Thank you so much for stopping by!

See you soon friends,

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