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Guest DT artists at “The Jule Box” and 2012 call!

Hey everyone!

Please watch this video regarding those who I’ve invited for this guest artist invite cylce! 
GDT 2012 cycle #1!

Here is a little about these awesome artists!
*Aliscia is “iscraphappy” on Youtube and “” on blogger! She’s been a friend for the whole time I’ve been on YouTube and has been a huge inspiration to me ever since I found her! Please go check her out if you haven’t already! Her vibrant character is all over her projects!! Just cheerful and fun! She is one of the best out there and I just luvs her! Thanks Aliscia!
*Linda is a very talented gal…..she’s got romance all over her tiny self and expresses it in every project she creates! I have a 10 page Romantic mini she made me and I am still floored when I look through it!! OMG!! she’s awesome…. She’s “faythchik777” on youtube and is currently working on getting a blog up! Thank you Linda for being part of this project! muah!!

*Tiffany, what can I say but I drool over her flowers! She’s inspiring with all her projects! She is a sweet young mom and I just love watching her projects! She is “mammatiffy” on Youtube and her blog is ““. She designs for a few companies out there and they are lucky to have her! She’s amazing!!! Thanks Tiffany, you are the sweetest!!

*Jolaine! This woman is a superhero of Layouts!!! She can make a LO and knock you out the park in awe!!! I am seriously in love with her talent and ideas! I heart her!!! 🙂 Jolaine is amazingly talented, designs for other companies out there that just like Tiffany, they are more than blessed to have her! She’s no joke ya’ll! I found her like a year ago and always go to her blog for inspiration! Her youtube channel is “jolainef” and her blog is “Pretty Little Things” at “” . Thanks Jolaine for sharing your talent and being part of this project, I am honored!

So, once these ladies have their projects done and ready to share, I will post those projects and have their links over on the left side of my blog!

If you are interested in being a guest artist, the requirements are that you must have a youtube channel and post videos and share your projects! That’s really it……I will look for random people and email you or look over your submissions over on my video above. 

My goal with this project is to spread the talent of many, I don’t want to be limited to a certain amount of people…..I want more than just the 31 flavors!! LoL!!   (requirements are subject to change as I go along with this project through 2012, so for now, this is it)

I appreciate that you came over to take a peek at what’s going on at “The Jule Box” ! Thanks so much for your support and comments and emails, you guys are the best! Have a great day!

Thanks, xo, Jules

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