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Hey everyone!

I hope all you mama’s had a wonderful day with your families! It’s such a special time for mom’s to just be loved! I waited all day to hear from my kids…I got a text, a hug and a phone call! But it didn’t come till later on in the day….as long as it’s before midnight I’m good! LOL 

I went to see my mom at 7pm, (although I called her like at 10am) ….why so late when she lives on the other side of town???? well, I was working on her gift allllll day! I am so pressed for time as always and didn’t get to start on her gift till the morning of! So let me share what I made for her.

This is a Mother’s Day Prayer wall hanging I made with my custom “Cameo” die! I LOVED making this for her! She’s always been a very girly girl and loves pinks and flowers and clothes and shoes and omg you guys, back in the day she always went to the salon to do something to her hair and she would buy herself a new outfit every week….I remember she used to where false eyelashes and wigs! She’s a beautiful woman, inside and out!! I Love my mommy!:)
This is a gift set! the card and wall hanging to go inside the bag!
The wall hanging by itself…..
Some close ups….
The card…
A close up…
The gift bag…..
For some of the laces I used, you can find them at THIS POST! For the “Cameo” die cut sets, you can go to THIS POST! For some Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays, see the listing HERE!
I recorded myself making this piece, but not the other stuff because I didn’t have time to go back and recharge my battery and wait for that, then continue!
(and I didn’t have an available plug at my work table:(
 SO, I’m so sorry:(

I wanted to share a pic of my mommy opening her gift!  In case you can’t tell, she’s only 4’9″ (she’s 74 years old and spunky!!)… dad is 5’1″….cute and tiny them 2!!

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!
Mom, thank you for being mine! I really don’t know where or who I would be if it wasn’t for your love and your prayers, You, is who I want to be like….a prayer warrior, never giving in, always looking up and always being there!
You are and always will be my blessing!

…and Happy Mother’s Day to you guys!

xo, Jules:)

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