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How I fix my YT video dimensions in blogger, with video tutorial!!

 7|10|22 EDITED: 

If you’re coming from Youtube …… this isn’t Blogger, meh, oh well. I’ve just moved to WordPress in July 2022 Buuuutt this tutorial will still work in Blogger. Just wanted to note that. Anyhow, onward with the post…


Hello makers and creators!
Some of you may know that I’ve been on YT for years (since around 2008-2009) then took a long break and during that break I kinda didn’t think about all of the changes and updates that are made in the techy world so coming back was like learning to ride a bike again….to say the least! 
I didn’t realize how much I missed it and even wonder why I didn’t at least try to add a little here and there more often that I did. 
One of the things I had to learn again was to make my YT video proportions the same in my blog posts as they were on YT. They seemed to transfer over smaller and in different proportions. I didn’t notice these changes until almost a dozen videos later and went hunting for the answers to fix this issue. SMH!! LOL
So once I found out again how to fix that in the HTML code box I not only had to share this with you guys but especially for my own reference! Cuz ya’ know….I’m a little older and things take me a bit longer now! 😉
I hope I don’t ever have to stay away as long as I did and too, I really love learning tons of new things and sharing as I grow! 
I created a video tutorial about this and in this video I played with some graphics and implemented some new things I’ve been finding out about in iMovie! I hope it’s entertaining for you. If it is please let me know in the comments below.
Do you make videos on YT? I hope this helps you if you didn’t already know!
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Here’s my video! Have a great day guys! 

Feel free to share!