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Are YOU ready for a crafty RUMBLE?! Discount Paper Crafts event!! Part 1 Contents!

Hello everyone!!

Click the button below to watch my video on Part 1 “The contents for the first challenge!”

Here is the blog post with all the detailed info from Cathie’s blog…..

Many of you have heard about Discount Paper Crafts Design Challenge 2013.  All six contestants have been notified and agreed to accept the challenge.  I wanted our international voters to be able to participate in this challenge too and since they couldn’t be contestants because of mail time issues, I’ve come up with a way that you, the viewer, can win too!  These votes are open to everyone who votes whether you’re an international voter or from the US.  Here is what you do:

  • Watch the final submission video that I will have posted on my YT Channel discountcraftygirl.  Each contestants project will be shown through pictures and assigned a number.  For instance, Contestant #1, Contestant #2 and so on.
  • Choose only ONE contestant who you think executed the challenge best and here are things to keep in mind when judging.
  •      a.  How well did they use the craft items in their package.
  •      b.  How well did they execute the style.
  •      c.  How well did they use the mystery item.
  •      d.  Did they use any new or interesting techniques on their project.
  • Email me the NUMBER of the contestant you feel executed the challenge best.

Email your vote to:
(Votes must come to this email address only!  Facebook messages, blog messages, etc. will NOT count as an entrance into the random voter drawing.)

  •  When you vote, your name will be placed into a random drawing to win a $20 gift certificate to my store.
  • There will be a total of 4 challenges so you have 4 chances to win a gift certificate because there will be a viewer winner for each challenge.

We want to be sure the contestant(s) who executed the challenge(s) best, wins.  There will be two contestants eliminated after the first challenge.  The contestant who scores the lowest votes on Team Miranda and Team Linda will be eliminated.

I hope you can join in all the fun!  This will be exciting and hopefully push the contestants to a new level! 

  Voting for the first set of projects is on February 23rd!!!  

Mark your calendars and please come vote!



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