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It’s time for De-Stashing!!

Hey everyone!

Hope your week is going smoothly!

I know I mentioned a couple months ago I was going to have a destash here at the shop. Well, some of you know that I’ve moved…..not easy and it is a busy situation….but I also started to carry some of my products at my favorite antique store, Elm Street Antiques, come visit them on FB!! So that’s been keeping me busy too! I LOVE it!! It’s never work when I’m there:)

Anyhow, I finally have over a dozen bundles of things to destash and it’s all listed at my shop here!

Please have a visit and see if you can pick up some goodies! I’ve got a few more things I’m gathering and getting pics of to get them listed so stay tuned for that. Also, I’ll have some WRMK products soon…… I couldn’t get those listed yet because…well again, I’ve gotten so busy with this move! LOL

Well, have a great day and please visit my destash listing at “The Jule Box Shop”!!!



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