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Jules in the Kitchen: “Yummy Chicken Enchiladas!!”

Hello everyone!
Today, I’m sharing with you all another love of mine!……..
I seriously love to cook….I’m not a chef, but I sure do love to play with my food!  My sister Lisa has the natural talent for mixing flavors and re-creating almost anything….if I could only get her to do videos…LoL…anyhow, I just wanted to let my blogger friends know that I have a short (for now) playlist on my You Tube channel of my cooking demos!
The latest demo I just uploaded is on my
“Chicken Enchiladas”…super easy and oh so good!!
So I wanted to share that video on this post and have them in my  labels as I make each cooking demo!
I hope you enjoy!

Here is the link to that playlist if you wanna peek!
Thanks so much!:)
 xo, Jules
Feel free to share!