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Make your own tool for placing tiny embellishments!!

Hello again!

As I was making these cute little “Tiffany & Co” baby shower invites I started to add on these rhinestones. I didn’t like that I had to cut them up off of an adhesive strip and when I did there was a little bit of the strip showing…I didn’t like how they looked. They were all on a row of adhesive and in order to use one, you needed to cut them off of the glue strip, so I picked all the rhinestones off leaving them with no adhesive. I would have to stick them down myself and I was fine with that but then, how to pick them up and stick them down???……So I came up with my own little tool!

Here is my video, enjoy!

Here’s a close up of the rhinestones I had in my stash. I used a thick Bamboo skewer and a drop of my Tombow glue!! I did notice that I would have to re-apply a drop again after a bit of using it.

 (There’s a full post and more pics in the previous post)

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