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New Postage rates for 2013!

Hello everyone,

Just a quick notice to let you all know..customer or not….As of January 27th the postage increase starts! 🙁 booooooo!

Anyhow, I will continue to try and make my shipping fees as low as possible. As you all who purchase online know…this is the evil of online shopping and can get costly if companies are not at least trying to make it better for their customers in one way or another….especially for International customers…it’s outrageous what it costs to ship across the pond already! 🙁

I’ve been asked in the past if I could do a special like “Free Shipping on any $50 purchase”…or something like this.

Here are my thoughts on this….

I really wish I could do this and keep my prices on products low….but I really feel that for retailers, it’s either one or the other because we are still trying to gain an income as this is our job and source of income. We either keep costs of products down or cost on shipping down, but realistically we cannot do both.

I also have been a victim of online stores over charging for shipping. I can understand a difference of cents, but several dollars…..that’s not right!! So to answer the question I started with….”Can you run a special like…”
I have found it better to price my products under retail (many of you have emailed me to tell me you’ve done comparisons and found this true) and then send off the shipping invoice separately. I think it’s better to wait for an order, package it up, weigh it then gathering the correct shipping cost info to charge it more accurately to you that way you get the savings on both ends… an extent, but it’s better than nothing I think right?

I hope you all understand that I cannot control what the USPS does, I wish. They increase the cost of postage every year! ugh!!!

Well, this is all I wanted to mention to you all. I hope it makes sense and that you’ll come back to “The Jule Box” shop soon! I hope to increase my inventory with great new releases and with great prices!! See ya soon!

Thanks so much!! Hugs!!!

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