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New Prima 2014 Winter Releases!


I know a lot of you guys are seasoned scrappers, but for those of you who are new to scrap booking and all that, I know it helps to be pointed in the right direction when it comes to new products! Believe me, there are tons of great products out there, but if you’ve been around for just a bit, you’ll know that one of the most popular companies out there is Prima Marketing! They make some of the best products of paper and embellishments! I use something Prima in almost every single project!! No, seriously, I do!! 🙂

Anyhow, for the newbs, new released products come out twice a year…Winter and Summer….and this Winter2014, there is a HUGE MASSIVE convention called (was CHA, now it’s something else…I can’t remember) where all…pretty much I would say…ALL companies show up to show off  their new releases:) It’s like the song….”It’s the most wonderful time of the year” for scrappers!! LOL we all really look forward to it!

Prima Marketing has over a dozen new releases coming out and they are sharing all the sneak peeks over on their blog here. They are also giving away some products if you share them…hence…my post today…and because I like to share with ma’ newbs! LOL but you know what…let me show you one of their releases I’m drooling over right now…..

These are their new sprays called “Color Bloom”!!! I LOVE the nozzle! It’s supposed to help you have more control and allow you to spray a mist and a spritz….for those cool little droplets! Cool right? I thought so! Anyways, there’s tons more to see!

I won’t post all the pics because you’ll have to head over there anyways…so again, the link to their post of New Winter 2014 released products is HERE!

Have fun!!! I hope you’ll add on to your wishlist of great and gorgeous products made by Prima! Sign up for their newsletters by email so you can keep up…they’re always doing something!! 🙂

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