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New to Scrapbooking and Papercrafting!

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to share with everyone…in case you didn’t know…that one of the fun things I love to do on youtube is share what I learn with new comers. 

I get tons of emails regarding questions on all kinds of things having to do with scrapbooking, crafting, supplies, tools and stuff! So, I have for almost 2 years now hosted “Newbie Segments” on my Youtube channel. I have those videos in a playlist called “Tutorials, Tips and Newbie Segments”! Which you can find here!

So, I’ve decided to start sharing those videos here on my 
blog…..I’ve shared some tuts but I think there may be 
bloggers that are also new and this is just another place that they can come and learn somethings they may not have known! I feel it’s my duty to help others and pass down things I’ve learned. 
When I first started it was hard gathering info…
for some reason not many were willing to answer my questions and it made me feel bad. I don’t want anyone to feel like I felt! So, if you’re new and have questions, 
I’ll share what I know with all of you!! That’s what we should do right? Help each other!? so, there is no stupid question! 
Now, having said that, I never have claimed to 
know everything there is about paper crafting…..but 
I will pass on what I learn with you!

Hope to help in any way I can!  
Enjoy the video and have a blessed day!

I’ll have these newbie posts labeled under “Newbie Segments” so it’s easier to find ok:)

In this video I share about die cutting, mainly, how to put your cutting plates and dies together to run them through you BigShot. Although there are many different die cutting machines, 
this one is the most universal and cuts a whole lot of stuff like, fabric, cardboard, thick cardstock and things, but you can also use other brand name dies in this machine like from Cuttlebug and Spellbinders. But there is a way to set all you need together before cutting your shapes out! Anyhow, I explain more on the video! Enjoy!

If you have any questions please leave a comment below with your contact info, or check back for my reply!

Also, if your looking for a die cutting machine… like the Big Shot or Cuttlebug, or supplies for them, I can custom order what you need, my prices are always below retail!! You can email me at

See ya later people! xoxo Jules 🙂

Feel free to share!