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Sale! Sale! Sale!! 3 days only!!

Hello everyone!

You’re INVITED to a 3 day sales event!! Please read this post thoroughly:)

“The Jule Box Shop”!! For this 3 day event you can save 30% off your total purchase! Shipping is always separate!

I’m hosting this 3 day event and it is open to all US and International customers!!

“TJBS” 3 day sale is coming up this weekend only!! From Friday thru Sunday (Midnight to midnight PST), January 17th, 18th and 19th of this new year 2014!!

Everything from every post listing at “The Jule Box Shop”! From Die cut sets to charms! From laces to kits and everything handmade too!!! EVERYTHING!! No other special will be valid during these dates, only the 30% off sale!
**IMPORTANT: no refunds, exchanges or credits on anything.  ALL SALES FINAL** Shipping is separate.

Since my blog shop is not a traditional online shop, I do not have the luxurious benefit of adjusting the paypal buttons with one easy command (I would have to change every single paypal button), so they all will stay the same with the same prices listed on each button. The only way I could possibly do this where it’s easiest for me is this….
~Your total price will be adjusted once I receive your order via email. I will deduct the 30% off your total order.
~Once your order is received and adjusted, the shipping fee will be figured then deducted from the 30%. I will package, mail then refund you the difference. I’ll do all the footwork for you!

Example: You place your total order of $100.00, 30% off this total brings it down to $70.00 leaving a $30 balance I owe you. Using a medium flat rate box to pack your goodies will cost $12.35.  $30.00-$12.35= $17.65 I will refund back to you the day I ship off your items!! The pricing and figuring will be written on your paypal packing slip enclosed in your package and signed off by me!! If your shipping cost is more than the amount you’re saving, I will email you a shipping invoice for the difference explaining the costs, so please check the email you’re using to make your purchase. Thanks!!

and now……

I need to make room for new goodies!! “The Jule Box Shop” is a lil’ shop but you’ll benefit from this because not only are you saving money  from the sale but if you’ve shopped with me before, you’ll know that my prices are always below retail, so you will be saving more because my already low prices are not changing one bit!!! So you see? You’ll benefit all the way around!!

So take advantage of the 3 day sale this weekend and support this lil’ shop. I appreciate you!! Thanks so much!

 Please share my sale on your FB, YT, Twitter and Pinterest, anywhere!!

How to get to my shop…click here!

Have a fabulous day and I’ll see you soon! Please let me know if you have any questions! 🙂


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