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SCALE UP your business and projects with foil accenting!! || Learn These techniques!

Project gallery of the die cuts and stickers in this projects

Hello Creators!!!
Today is a long awaited FREE VIDEO TUTORIAL on how to scale up your products and or projects!!
Create beautiful business cards, invitations, product backing cards, price tags, care/info cards, stickers, planner stickers, product labels for candles, room sprays, wax melts, or thank you cards/stickers, labels for organization……really the world of foiling is yours!!
Watch my 4 piece Coco Chanel inspired project on Youtube where I show you my entire process from start to finish, my mistakes and thought process throughout. Here’s the first video!
★ I am going to mention, that there is a trick to this kind of foiling, because there are 2 printers involved (an HP inkjet and a Brother laser) there is almost always a little bit of misalignment that I’ve learned to tweak and make it work for me.  Once you get the hang of it (and it doesn’t hurt to have good quality printers) you can make this work for you to and get a beautiful foolproof product!!! Like most new things you try, and this is no different, it takes some practice and making mistakes to do this amazing foiling technique. There may be other ways or even better ways to create these but I’m excited to share how I was able to make our product labels look HIGH END and I want you all to benefit from what I’ve learned!
// Things to remember from the video! Use a Cricut machine, Procreate (for Apple products) and PicMonkey for designing!!
1✏ Create a secondary layer to accent your image
2✏ Keep your “FOIL” layer on top of your main image
3✏ Create a base for each design (use the offset feature in Cricut or draw your own in Procreate)
4✏ Print your main image with a INKJET printer
5✏ Print your “FOIL” layer second with a LASER printer
6✏ In Cricut, once you’ve attached your images with a base, do not move anything except the top layer to shift. If you accidentally shift your base, hit “UNDO” to place it back where it was.
7✏ Use high heat to transfer your foil to your images
8✏ Use a squeegee with felt or wool on the edge to apply your vinyl so as to not scratch it.
9✏ hmmm, what else????… 😏 oh…HAVE FUN CREATING!!!
📢 As I said in the video, I would rather print 2-3 “boo-boo” prints to get to a 100% aligned HIGH END looking project so I can print hundreds of labels, stickers, business cards, etc!!  This technique will boost your business and your projects!
💛//Products I used in this video:
Brother Laser printer (great for beginners)
HP inkjet 8020 series printer (also great for beginners)
Minc machine by @HeidiSwapp
💛//Software I used for this project:
📍 Procreate (for use with Apple products)

These are the product labels I made for our business back in 2020!! I LOVE how Lux they look!

Our deodorant!
Our Body Butter!

I really appreciate that you stopped by to peek! I hope you’ll try these techniques out! If you do let me know! Drop a comment! See ya!

Disclaimer: Images used in this video were collected online for personal and educational projects and not made for profit. I have no affiliations with Coco Chanel. This video and project post is not sponsored.
Some product links are affiliate links in which I do receive a small commission. It would be such a huge support to me and my family that if you decide to purchase any of these items that you would use the links provided!
Thank you, Jules

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