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“The Jule Box Studios” Tour Part 1 of 3! Large craft room before and after series!

Hello everyone!

I’m so excited today! I’m finally able to share the first episode of my studio tour. This is obviously part one of three. I shot this video when I started back on Youtube in April 2021 with my very old little Canon Powershot so the quality isn’t as sharp….the 2nd video is also shot with the old canon but the Final tour I recorded with my new Canon EOS M50! Much better and much sharper imagery. The room was a mess but I had to dig in! Click the button below to watch Part 1!

After resigning from my job to be back and forth to LA to care for my dad who had a stroke in June 2020, I was able to start back on YouTube part time! So this “The Pre-tour” video was the start. The difficult thing is that I’m in LA most of the time.

In part 2 I share the cleaning, organizing and purging of my studio that I literally started right after this pre-tour. This was such a long process! I was able to de-stash tons of craft and shop items and thanks to you guys who purchased items from me my studio is so much less cluttered and more organized for now. I’m sure I’ll be moving things around throughout the year.

Part 3 is of course the Final tour. I’ll show you where I’ve placed the furniture I had in the middle of the room. I like this arrangement much better.

This 3 part series has been a HUGE overhaul for me but I’m happy with it. I still have the mantel to decorate but that will have to wait until I have some extra time…which is hard these days to find. It’s going to always be a work in progress.

Speaking of my mantel, I found the original HOUSE TOUR video clips I recorded back in 2015 on my old cell phone and narrated it while in LA. It’s a rough video but nonetheless I have it ready and posted “At Jules House” here Dumb me though, I forgot to record the back yard so I found the real estate photos and posted those along with the new indoor and outdoor patio we redid!!

Have an amazing day!!

TY! xo, Jules 💖

Edited: Please head over to the part #3 “The Final Tour” blog post HERE for ALL of the links from the products and gear I use, to where I purchased some of my furniture, projects and other links! THANKS……it’s just easier if they’re all in one place.

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