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“TJB” Guest DT Artist Creations!!

Hello everyone! 

Hope your all doing well and that Spring is coming around where you are!

I have been so ansy about this post and finally, it’s here!!

I have 4 beautiful and talented ladies who have blessed me by accepting a position to guest design for my 2nd custom die, the “Victorian Cameo” that I designed with Accucut! 
Thank you ladies and to Accucut!!

This post is to share projects made by all 4 ladies with you all 
along with their videos and links to their web homes!! Please show them some love and stop in to see their posts!

I’ll share these in the order of completion,

1st up is Aliscia!

She made this beautiful and colorful album…full of all things girly, lace, black and pink with teeny pops of green…ohh! Aliscia has been a favorite artist of mine for over 2 years now and my first friend on YouTube:)….she’s a vibrant and fast worker!
Every project she touches is simply ART!!
Love…..look at this…
How beautiful!!!…you’ll have to see all 
the pics on her blog and the video on her channel!! 
Here are the links!

Next up is Tiffany!

Tiffany made and album that was filled with her baby girls pics and oh wow!! It’s all girly and shabby and soft and it reminds me of your favorite book you want to grab and 
sit by the fire with a blankie….
with some tea or a Starbucks!…yeah, a Starbucks! 
The pics of her baby Abby made the album! She’s super adorable!! 
Here are 3 pics….

…my favorite pic of little Ms Abby!! ooooohhhh…
cute huh??? love the squinty eyes as she laughs! lol…but please visit her blog for more pics and her 
YouTube channel for the video! Links below!
Tiffany’s web homes!
Youtube channel: “mammatiffy”

Next up is Linda!

Talk about a “Hopeless Romantic”! I knew it would ooze romance in every sense of the word! This girl makes vintage 
romance so super chic….I was 
stunned and teary when I saw the 
album on video!! ahhh!!  I had her bring it to Portand for our reunion and OMG, to touch it and see it 
up close was soooo beautiful!
Here are pics of the entire album since she doesn’t have a blog yet (she is working on it) where you can see additional pics….but the video is awesome, she does explain the details on every page!!
Linda went Vertical with this album!

Oh the chunkiness!!!

Gorgeous work of art! seriously blew me away!
Please visit her YouTube channel for more inspiring work.
Links below,

Linda’s YouTube home:

Youtube channel: “faythchik777”

Blog: (working on it)  🙂
And now the sweet, Jolaine!

Jolaine created a very Prima-esque album she made as a gift for a friend of hers…lucky woman! I have followed Jolaine for over a year now….found her over on and loved her since! When I saw she had a YT channel and blog, I was there!! She has an eye for “Pretty Little Things”!!! This album is gorgeous yet simple, not overdone but just enough “yum” to stun!
Here are some pics of her album,
but you should see her post for all of it and her video! 

Love the paper collection, the colors, the soft distressed color along the edges of the page….and my Cameo girl on the cover!! All the ladies added flowers on her in some form of adornment!! Gorgeous!
Links below!

Jolaine’s web homes!

Youtube channel: “Jolainef”
Blog: “PrettyLittleThings”

I am beyond blessed to have had these talented ladies design and create with my 2nd custom made Accucut die!! Please visit them!

Thank you again to Aliscia, Tiffany, Linda and Jolaine for making this project and reality! 
I appreciate and adore your talent and heart!!


My 3rd die is coming (date will be revealed at a later date) and I will begin hunting for 3-4 people who I think would ROCK the die cuts!! If you are interested in being a guest designer for “The Jule Box” custom die cuts, please head over to this post, there is a video to watch from there:)

Thanks you guys for all the support!! You’re the bestest! 🙂

Hugs, Jules 

Feel free to share!