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Watercoloring Valentine’s Day cards as a beginner!!

Hey Crafter’s!!

Well, Valentine’s Day is literally days away and I almost didn’t get this project done in time but I’m glad it’s finally posted.

I explain a lot in the video but I’ve always loved watercolor images but I don’t draw….well I do but they are the simplest of things as you see in the video. If you click on the button below, you’ll be able to watch it.

I’ve always wanted to play with watercoloring and even bought the paper, pencils and watercolor pallets to try but I was so intimidated by the process that I couldn’t even try….I didn’t know how to begin. Over the years I watched videos but they were super advanced (I think it was because the videos I looked for was more detailed like birds, flowers, people…to me that’s too hard). I needed the easy 101 starters you know?! So fast forward to the end of 2022 and I watched Emma….yes she paints advanced images but she also had the beginners tutorials that I felt fit me…so one day I painted baby feet!!

That day I wanted to watercolor so bad that I just went for it and I legit shocked myself!! It wasn’t a bad image in my eyes at all and I was so proud and you know what? I didn’t feel as intimidated any more! *Smiley Face

The “Baby Feet” card I had made was for a friend of mine who was having a baby girl the end of January…so I made the card to go with my gift to her. In my last video I made some baby bibs, burp cloths, washcloths and a teether with bunny ears! You can watch that video and see the post with pictures and free patterns I used at the button below.

So, I talked about Emma Jane Lefebvre who is a watercolor artist and teacher who is on Youtube and she shares her talent there. Head over to watch! The video that started me off and hugely inspired me was this one where she paints with her mom who has NEVER done any watercolor painting before! Sometimes it helps to watch someone who has no experience to feel like “Oh, I can probably do this too”, you know what I mean? So I hope my video helps anyone who has the same feelings I did. Oh, Emma is also on Instagram!

Now Valentine’s Day was coming up and I thought maybe I could just do some easy background images and some hearts, how hard can that be? Not hard at all so again, I went for it. Needless to say I want to do more! LOL

Man, these were so fun!!

Although I purchased my supplies over the span of “I don’t know how many years”, I’ll try to list and link as many as I can for you ok! If it’s not the exact product I will list and link similar items.

My basic tools I use at home for my everyday crafting:

Supplies specifically for today’s project:

I believe that’s bout’ it! I am grateful that you stopped by to check out the post and today’s project. I hope you’ll try out some watercoloring!

Have a great Valentine’s Day everyone! Hugs to you!!

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