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Wedding Album || “Once Upon a Pocket Page” Intro Part 1

Hey creators hope ya’ll are well!!

Welcome to my blog! I’m excited to share my daughter’s wedding album process with you. I started this a while ago (like 5 years ago, yeah….) and you know how life gets busy?, well it did for me back in 2018 when I started it. I had other projects in between then and I still have in between projects now so you won’t see a continuous video series of this “Once Upon a Pocket Page” wedding album series but they’ll pop up as I get pages done.

I’ve been having some health changes over the last 2-3 years…my back has just worsened since my accident in 2005. It now is becoming harder and harder to stand and walk and although I wish I could create more often like I used to, I simply can’t anymore. I only say this to say that my projects and life posts will be posted further in-between. I’ll soon share some of this over at my vlog “At Jules House”.

Now in 2018 I hadn’t come back to Youtube yet so I had a few pages done which is what I’m sharing today.

March 17, 2018 was one of the best days of our lives! Anna married her now husband Sebastian who is a sweet, smart and handsome young man and we LOVE him like a son!!

I tried to document everything related to the preparation of this day, mind you we only had about 6 weeks to pull this together. Anna and Sebastian gave us a date and I was like a running maniac trying to to think of what to do and gather for that day!

These process video series will tell the story of that day. Here is the first video, just click below!

Photos of each page and some actual wedding pics to share with you!

The last 2 pages I decided not to include since I didn’t complete them, they look pretty different now. They’ll be in the next video episode. *wink

Next are some real pics from the wedding. Let’s start with the decor ok? It’s my favorite thing to do!!

I painted stripes on the succulent jars for the table decor. You’ll see the 12×12 placemats at every seating with utensils wrapped in belly bands that I cut from some designer paper!

The Cake I was talking about! Sebastian’s Aunt is amazing at baking! It’s gorgeous!

So we bagged the little wine bottles and gave them each a chiffon bow tie and made them look like keepsakes with the tags I made for them.

I’m in love with her make-up! Alissa’s got skills for sure and made Anna look so beautiful!

Lisa had the idea for all of us to record a sweet memory of us getting Anna ready. I explain more in the video but it was a brilliant idea!

And now she’s ready to meet her groom!!!

The floral head dress I made for Anna was her idea. This look comes from Mexican culture since Sebastian and his family are from Mexico but obviously I went with pinks, peaches and ivory with some greenery. Anna also wanted it to sit evenly on her head like in the 2nd image vs the side of her head. Let me show you her inspo pics she sent me!

I bought some flowers from Hobby Lobby, actually all the greenery and flowers for the “Door” came from HL too. I made a headband style with large open roses and attached them to a soft fabric sleeve I covered the headband with. Anna said it was comfortable to wear, so that was great!! It was such an honor that Anna asked me to take over the wedding and decor for them. Her dad and I are so proud!

I was looking for a decorative backdrop and found this HUGE door that this couple used for their wedding. I was IN LOVE with it and got together with Manny (My husband) and he re-created it on a much smaller scale. Let me show you!

He bought all the wood and hardware and it was starting to look like the one I showed him! He did a great job on it!!! TY Honey!

For some dumb reason I just can’t find any pictures of the door all decorated all by itself. These 2 pics show most of the door. It was really beautiful and now it’s in the garden and I love it!!

Lastly I want to show you the invitation I made. I used picMonkey to design it then added layers of copper/rose gold glittered card stock and the chiffon pink ribbon! I took a picture of the papers that were glittered and foiled and different ribbons and a strin g of pearls I ended up not using but it was there for inspiration. Ha!

It’s a little funny that not many people noticed their engagement photo in the background! LOL

She was the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen!!

Not sure if I’ve mentioned but we had a small ceremony for Anna and Sebastian at our home in Washington in our backyard. The kids wanted it small, just us family and super close friends. It was such a memorable day and I can’t wait to share the rest of the album with you guys!

Here is a list of some of the products I used. Some are not linked because they are no longer available.

Other products and software I’m using for this project.

  • PicMonkey I create designs on some of the photos for this album as well as the collage feature.
  • I used my Canon Selphy CP910 (there’s a new CP1500 that I just got and will start using it once I’m done with the ink and paper that’s left in it), photo paper and ink pack.

I created a list of all kinds of craft products I use over at my Amazon Storefront you can check out!! I am an affiliate.

I’m so happy that you stopped by!!

See you in the next “Once Upon a Pocket Page” episode!!

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