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A season of change…..

Hey everyone!

Hope your day is off to a great start!

It’s a sunny day and the rays are streaming through my window this morning!It’s about 6:30am!!
There’s a new season of change coming into my life …… it’s a good thing and I’ll be optimistic about it! 🙂

Over the last couple of years I’ve seen my kids slowly grow up, one has moved out to go to college….he’s almost graduated and I’m a proud momma! My “baby” is now working and about to be a senior in high school…still, a proud momma! 🙂 

Having had talks about paying off debt so we can travel, my hubby and I now find ourselves putting this off a little bit longer now that we’ve come across changes my parents are going through. They are a very healthy pair of short people! LOL!!
….but nevertheless, are older and slowing down. My mom is in her mid 70’s and is as spunky as ever! But I find her falling asleep at her couch more often and going to bed earlier and earlier:) She’s super darn cute when she snores though! My papa…?….well, he’s slowed down a lot over the last few years. Now in his early 80’s he’s becoming forgetful and is harder of hearing. He was a Jockey back in the 50’s and 60’s and as a result of so many years of wear and tear on his joints and multiple accidents….his poor little bones hurt:(

I remember something I read when I was a little girl and kinda wondered what it meant back then, but now that things are happening and now that I’m older it’s becoming more clear to me ….”Honor your Father and Mother, then you will live a long full life….”  this piece of scripture is found in Exodus 20:12, it means a lot to me and I want to do what is right! So if it means living with my parents to help them and help take care of them in their older years, then I’ll do what I have to!:)

For now, my parents need me and in all actuality, I still need them too! 🙂 

Over the last year we’ve discussed living together again, more over the last 2-3 weeks, so, we are. I’ll be moving out of this house to be with my parents…along with my hubby and daughter. Yard sales have gone on and now some repairs need to be made. Once our bottom floor is ready , we’ll start moving in…for now, I have to pack up stuff!! 🙂 

Although I have issues physically, I’ll do my best to be there for my parents like they’ve been there for me! They have been the most loving and most sacrificial people for their kids, as should be…as I’ve learned to be to mine. I hope for the best and that God will tie us closer together….I also hope and pray for grace….to stand tall no matter what happens and to make things easier for them as they relax a little more as we try to relieve some stressors by being there and taking care of things they used to so they don’t have to worry about them. I’ll be obedient to God and honor my parents only because…..well, I LOVE them! 🙂

So, with all that being said, what’s gonna happen to my craft space and my love for it…????  Well, the show must go on people! 🙂

I’ll be sharing a video of my new space once I’m all moved in (a before and after) and have things the way I want! I had promised to share my room here but since I never really felt at home here, I’ve moved things and changed things around and it was never really ready to show. But now that my time with Craft Warehouse is about over 🙁 and I have a few weeks off from WOC, I’ll have the time to get situated and set up my space how I want, making myself feel more at home in my new space!

As for “The Jule Box” shop..?…I’ll still take orders, but just so you know it may take a day or two longer. It will be the last room to move so I can move it all together and focus on it, but I’ll do my best to keep it moving smoothly. 

I’ll be in and out of Facebook but will have my email open and checking that daily, so let me know if you need anything!:) I hope to be able to watch some of you on you tube and read up on blog posts a little too.

As I go through this transition I’ll ask my friends if they could send good thoughts my way, some prayers too if you remember, please. 

See ya in a little while…..God Bless and thanks friends!

xo, Jules:)

Feel free to share!