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**Closed**”Blessings of Friends and Family” (BFF) Wall Hanging Swap details and Sign-ups!!

Hello everyone!

I want to share some details and info on a swap I am going to host. It will be my first and I am so excited to do one…finally, actually I am overdue!! I want this to be a great experience for all involved, so, here are the details!

“BFF” is for “Blessings of Family and Friends”. I will divide everyone into groups as to not have too big of a group and so that each person won’t have to do 14-15 pieces….I want to keep it realistically in creative quantity, like 5-7 pieces! I will list the groups after the swap is closed and re-post the list of groups at the end of this post. If you’ve done one of these, you know the drill, newbees, there is a section of details below….keep reading:)

Each shape must be able to hold a picture and a title spot, yet still big enough to journal something small, it can be in a pocket if you want! Make sure you add your name and personal info on a ticket or little tag. Your matte shape must be no smaller than 4″x4″ and no bigger than “6×6”, any shape you want is fine. One side must be a “Fall/Autumn” themed (not Halloween but Thanksgiving) and the other, Christmas!

At the end of this swap, you must realize that you may get all your matte shapes at the very end of the year. So if you have your heart set on displaying it for Christmas, it may not happen….so please think about that if you really want to participate or not. You can save it for next year!

***My biggest fear is having people sign up who are going to drop out last minute. You must know that if you sign up for my swap, you must fulfill your commitment. If you neglectfully drop out without notice, I will display and mention your name for any other hostesses to see and not allow you to sign up in their future swaps. I totally understand if an emergency comes up and you just can’t fulfill this commitment (I really do )…but you must notify me ASAP so I can find an Angel swapper to fill your place (I do prefer a few days at least…please.   Please don’t sign up if there is a slight chance you won’t do it. Please don’t let fear and or intimidation keep you from this swap. This is how you will grow and become more confident for the next swap you join!!! They really are fun! Talk to me if you need some encouragement or ideas:) Remember…it’s just a swap…nothing to fear really, just have fun…..let’s play!!

Newbees: Basically, while in a group…ie: 6 people, you will make 6 matte shapes ALL THE SAME (by this I mean all your shapes should be identical on both sides) for each one for the Fall themed and ALL THE SAME for the Winter side. Don’t punch any holes, let the recipient do that. Once your done, keep one for your self and send in the others, rules on that is indicated in the “shipping” section below. Message me on YouTube if you have questions! 🙂

~Challenge: none required from me, but challenge yourself, use fabric, paint, buttons, glitter, miniature items……whateva!! Embellish away and be creative!! 🙂

~Theme: 1 side Fall/Autumn (Thanksgiving) and the other Winter (Christmas)!!

~Materials:Must be medium weight chipboard…other than that…anything you want that will be strong enough to hold 5-7 vertical matte shapes! Use your imagination! Leave 1/4″-1/2″ from the top and bottom leaving room for eyelet holes.

~Shipping: MUST be postmarked by December 15th 2010. Mail in a big enough envelope to house all the shapes and wrap them in tissue or bubble wrap to protect them and place shapes in a plastic bag like a ziploc to protect from water. Add a self addressed stamped envelope so I can return each of the participant’s matte shapes back to you in that envelope. If you don’t include that, you won’t get your matte shapes. I do work with paypal, so if you forget to add the postage and let me know, I can have you send me that postage via Paypal. Delivery confirmation depends on you..but I will message you that I got your package! I will add delivery confirmation if you send $1 in with your package, cash is fine,no biggie for me:)

If you have any questions please message me through You Tube!

I can’t wait to start…If you want to join, please leave a comment saying:    “Sign me up” at this post and then leave me your email addy and your YouTube name (on here or through a PM on YT!!!!) If you want to be an Angel Swapper, please indicate that!

~Definition of an Angel swapper: To take on the responsibility as a full sign up participant. Everything a participant does, an “Angel” swapper will have to do. If 7 shapes needed for 1 group, the “Angel” will have to make ALL 7 matte shapes back and front. An “Angel steps in and takes the spot of the dropped out participant so that a group or groups will not have their shape returned! Thanks to those who want to do this, it means a lot 🙂 !

**Swap open to US and International scrappers!!!**

Thanks so much you guys for stopping by to see what’s going on and or signing up!!!

xoxo Jules:)

Sign Ups below!!

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