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Crochet twine flowers and things!!

Hey guys!!

So I want to just share something cool I came across today. I went to Etsy looking for some crochet flowers to purchase….but instead I made some!!

I didn’t want the fluffy bright colors, I wanted to see about some rustic…maybe grungy, or “rough” looking flowers, but I couldn’t find any, so I looked around my room and noticed my jute twine and thought…”Shoot, why not!” I grabbed my jute twine to give it a try and needless to say, I loved it!!

I followed a tutorial here to make them. I played a little and made some different shapes! Take a look and let me know what you think!!

Oh, you know what else?…I glimmer misted one and it took the glimmer mist really well, topped it with a mini Prima rosette and I love it!! 

I later used hemp cord…..a little stiff, but I made them! I really love these!!

I wanted to see what else I could use…I tried strips of fabric! This is my muslin that I tea stained!! A little difficult to control, but I made it…I guess I got all excited about learning how to make flowers that I was grabbing anything I could at this point!! hmmm…my kids do that….I guess that’s ok! 🙂

Try them, they are really easy to make….and fun!!!

Here is my video introducing mine. For bloggers who aren’t youtubers:)
Thanks for peeking, xo, Jules:)

Feel free to share!