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Finally Home!!

I missed my scrap room so bad! I was away in Cali for over 2 weeks….ahhh! I couldn’t create anything…oh wait I did glue some paper onto a scalloped tag chip mini from Mikes…but that was all. Oh well, ….

I had fun visiting with my sister but then when her uncle got sick she was gone for about 10 days out of my 2 weeks there to be with her family, which I didn’t mind, I just missed her. 🙁

My son was on spring break and spent pretty much all his time with me. He did work, but not as much as he thought. I’m glad though, cuz I had him to myself and I loved every minute. He even kinda yelled at me for not telling him I went shopping. He said I should have told him so I wouldn’t be by myself…?…what…wait…this sounds familiar! haha….I tell my mom that all the time…omg, am  I getting so old he thinks I shouldn’t be by myself? oh geez!! I don’t know how to feel about that 😮  ….hmmm.

Well, my flight was a sort of a bust. I was scheduled to leave on Easter Sunday the 4th but I get to the airport that am and had a lot of bags and a carry on, but when I go to check in they said, ” You can’t fly today ma’am, the tickets are embargo”…I don’t know what that is….so she explains, that they block standby tickets during certain holidays because it’s so busy. But they gave me the reservation and knew my tickets were standby…so why did they schedule me for that day???..I asked that myself! They don’t know…so I was released to fly out on the 6th…So I go all the way back home with all my stuff and wait until the 6th. I missed 2 planes out of L.A. then finally get home at 7pm, from 7am that morning! Needless to say, yeah!!!…LONG DAY!

I missed my honey and my bed and my craft space. Now I’m back and can’t wait to get my stuff put away and start on my commitments on swaps and things. My “Cloud 9″ mini is looking at me with eyes of neglect saying…”please dress me”! So all I could do…is …ignore it for now 🙁 

Welcome Home Jules!!! she’s back in “The Jule Box”!


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