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Happy Birthday Mom!!

Hey everyone!

Last week my mom celebrated her 74th Birthday…she says she’s 49! She looks it too!:) 

My hubby and I wanted to take her out because she mentioned wanting to eat seafood…where better than Red Lobster! They were having an “All You Can Eat” shrimp special, so it was perfect to take her there!

Here are some pics of her having a good time with pops! 

We were waiting on our food here….

She ordered the Shrimp with the pasta first….
She’s so cute!!!…she had two other shrimp sides….

This was silly…..we had already ordered desert and they came out with a biscuit with a candle sticking out of it…I got the picture late but she blew out her candle…and she did eat that biscuit, those are sooo good!!!

This is the desert her and papa ordered!

I told my pops to be careful because it looked hot…he dug in anyway….

I told ya papa!!
They shared it and I gave my mom her card!:)

I had waited until we were done with dinner to give her the card….and when I told her I had a card for her she said….”I was hoping I would get a handmade card”…then she smiled! 🙂

We Love you mom! My brother Tony sent her some monies so she can go shopping and spend for herself! Well, Macy’s was having a sale and she found some shoes on clearance! Look how she scored 5 pairs!!!…she was so happy that she asked me to take a picture of her with her shoes and send it to my brother so he can see how happy he made her…so, I did!!

It made her happy and she had a great day! I thank God for her, she’s an amazing Christian woman, a great role model, strong and sassy:), we are so blessed to have her as our mom! My brothers and I would all agree that if not for my mothers prayers, we don’t know where we would be in our lives. For everything we’ve been through in our lives, our mother was always there guiding and counseling! She’s a great little woman and we lover her dearly!

Thanks for stopping by everyone! I’ll be sharing her card in the next post!

Have a great and blessed day!

xo, Jules:)

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