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Happy Thanksgiving!! What I’m grateful for!

Hello everyone!

Well, it’s the day after and I’m still full!…hehe….we had an awesome dinner …all together…sitting around the table was my husband, myself next to my  beautiful mom and then my little papa, then coming around, Anna and then Tiana!! What a great looooong day! 

The best part is that I feel sooo blessed…SO BLESSED!! I am grateful to God for my family! My Husband, my kids my entire family!! you guys! You know……in the midst of trials, problems, pain and worries….I have NEVER really felt alone….I have had faith in my heart from the moment I took my first breath! I hope you’ll understand what I’m saying and sharing here with you:) I have been protected all my life….. even when it didn’t feel like it, I was sitting in the palm of my God’s hand!  I’ve not been sharing Him as openly as I should….and for that, God, I’m sorry….because you’ve been that lighthouse I always saw throughout my life….as I have been in some of the strongest storms in my life, you were always there! Thank you God for everything you’ve done, given, and haven’t given!

I guess what I’m sharing is an open confession…that after all the things that have come and all the things to come, I won’t ever stop believing in a God who has and will be with me for the rest of my life…and not only me, but with my husband, my kids, my family and for my friends who I try my best to keep in prayer always! I know there are those who may believe differently, it doesn’t change the fact that truly care about all my YT friends…subbies, whatever and I pray for you! 

Here’s something many of you don’t know….I’m a singer, tried to start a demo when I was 19 but it wasn’t where God wanted me at that time…and although I never sang in front of a crowd until I was 29, I’m glad that the first time was in church!! “Church” music is so much more than what was in between the covers of a hymnal…although I love hymnal music too, I was highly encouraged and influenced by many singers, but there was always something about Christian contemporary music that brought me closer in my relationship with God that was beyond anything else! I cannot pick a favorite song, but 1 that came across just recently is a song by Crystal Lewis, called “Trust Me”. It’s a song, of what I have felt God telling me all my life. I just wanna share a huge part of me and one reason as to why I am grateful for what is here in my life now…..honestly, I thank you God for it all!! I will trust you!

Here we are at dinner (some pics were blurry and I looked a mess)….Thanks Anna and Tiana for helping me cook!!! You both did awesome and I love you!!!! Manny (my son) I miss you so much and I wish you were here! Mom, Dad….Thank you so much for all your love and guidance and support, God Bless you both, I love you sooo much!!

Thanks YT community…oh wow!!! you guys are amazing! I don’t even know what to say but Thank YOU! God Bless you guys!!

Our humble spread!

My Beautiful parents…grubbing!!

 Our Girls! Anna and Tiana! *muah* 

My handsome husband and myself in Seattle 10 days ago…he’s showing off his bib!! haha,we went to The Crab Pot” at Pier 57!! Yummy!!

The girls did go with us to Seattle, it was so fun!

 Dad and the girls. We were at Pikes Place Market “Piggy Bank”…there was really money in it..I could see it through the slot!!! can you see the slit?

Just wanting to share with you all! I truly pray that you all have a very blessed Holiday Season and a great upcoming New Year!  Big hugs to you all…….


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