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“I’m so grateful”……

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Well, it’s 4:30am as I begin to write this post…and I’ve just made 3 pies and 3 side dishes for today’s feast! Not too shabby right!?

I’m about to finally lay down and then up at 7:00am again to start cooking my Turkey and ham…..hmmm! I’m sure the house will be smelling like Thanksgiving by 9am and I can’t wait!!

Although sitting around a table lavished with great food, it’s never more joyous than having my family with me! Although we couldn’t get my son out here, I am grateful for what God has gifted me in my life! I also miss my brothers, Lisa  and my niece and nephews….I really wish they could be here! 

Strange how I wander back to years before and I can literally see how much things have changed, how much I’ve changed. Not gonna lie, I wish I knew then what I know now. That’s no joke!! But we all grow and learn…..and I’m still learning! 

I’m so grateful for family and faith! We’ve always been there for each other through the best and the worst….and when things got bad…!…I tell you things that should have destroyed us but I knew God was there holding it all together….and I think I’ve learned that if I just trust in Him, things will be ok…..and when things were not getting better right away, it was a journey I am grateful for still because we never walked alone!! We aren’t perfect, but then who is?? and God tells me it’s ok because when you’re not, I am!

As a kid I saw how much mom struggled with issues in her marriage, with herself, in her faith, with friends……they all failed her…..but I remember that when she seemed broken I would find her in her room on her knees crying out to the one “who is” and when she was done, she would stand then walked so tall!! It taught me a lot as a young woman, married at 18 and with a baby that I have that strength within me when I allowed the POWER of God to be there…..speaking to my heart, reminding me that I don’t ever have to be sad or lonely or angry or scared because my heavenly Father was there and made a way for me through His Son to bridge that gap!! So, I’m grateful…….

I’m grateful for His sacrifice for me and my family! I’m grateful that because of a mother’s tearful prayers for her kids and for her marriage, never went unheard! I’m grateful that I had the parents I did, imperfect and all, because I had the most perfect and loving heavenly Father ever! I’m grateful for never being hungry, never being naked, never being without a roof over my head because there are 1 too many out in the world that are! I’m grateful for a divine marital set up that became, although rough, the best thing to have ever happened to me! I’m grateful for the career I was able to have while I had it because now it was time for something new! I’m grateful for the miracle of carrying 2 children without complications and forever holding the title of “MoM”! I’m grateful that the lives entrusted to me, love me! I’m grateful for a book that was left for the world that in all reality was a book of love letters to us! I’m grateful that there is a thing called free will and that I decided to believe and follow a man who died for me on a cross!! I’m grateful for the emotion/mindset gift of faith because without it, my life would be in true despair with no HOPE!! I’m grateful for those who have a true heart and really share their love in all honesty! I’m grateful for the encouraging words spoken to me because it fills my heart with so much joy! I’m grateful for today because I can look back at all the previous Thanksgivings, remembering the blessings….having those memories and saying “Thank You God” for everything!!

For me, today is all about that…..Thanks!……

I will always be grateful, always be satisfied yet pressing on for growth, always allowing His love in my life! I pray and hope your day is blessed! Thanks for letting me share my heart….. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and God Bless you and your family today!! ((hugs))

 Philippians 4:6 (NLT)

“Don’t worry about anything, instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank Him for all He has done.”

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