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Hello out there! so what’s going on is that we are down 1 laptop! omg this is putting me behind a lot…I can’t help it either. My sweet hubby is in school…I’m so proud!..he’s a student of Eastern Oregon University and has a year left to get his business degree!! whoot whoot!! ok, but I want my laptop and I have to share it with him, I guess his schoolwork is more important huh? “poopies!” I haven’t been able to upload all my vids, the CP kit, my lace bundle #2….ahh…please be patient with me ok girls…I will be up bright and early getting those vids up before he gets home and takes the laptop from me again! haha  It’s ok, I’m just ansy!

Well, I’ll be turning over the laptop to him now…so I gotta go finish making flowers! 🙂

xoxo for you all! Have a great week! Jules is signing out!!!

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