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6×6 DressForm layout for my sister!!


I wanted to share some detail pics of this 6×6 LO I made for my sister Lisa! I have a very different project that has got me stumped and I have just been staring at it for the last 4 days, maybe longer….I can’t seem to get the mojo going….so I started on another project…Lisa’s LO (layout).

I made this over a span of 2 days. I was packaging some die cut orders of my Dress Forms and it hit me…so I finished up and got to work! 

Video at the end of this post if you wanna hear how I made it.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think….oh…and is it still a layout if there is no picture?…hm…?…I wonder…but that’s what I’m calling it!     
My Layout for Lisa!!

In the first 2 pics, I want to point out that I changed 1 thing around….can you see it?…look hard…..ok, if you guessed the bookplate…your’s not there. At the last moment before making the video, I remembered I had them, so I took out the metal rimmed tag and moved it to the other side. I like it much better now though! 

Here is the finished LO. It is much fuller with the Bookplate and the word charm “Sister” and the little heart charm…oh, I just remembered, a friend gave me that heart charm, it’s perfect hanging there!

This last one is similar to the first one in this set, but it is a different angle and is up a little closer.

Here is the video!

*Remember you can double click on the images and enlarge them!! Very cool!!

Thanks everybody for stopping by. Leave a comment and remember these die cuts are for sale at this post here. 

Thanks you guys!

xoxo Jules
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