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A new US version of WildOrchid Crafts & Awesome Giveaway!

Hello everyone!

I’m sharing some info some of you may not have known! Too, something new came up and I wanted to share that….but I’ll get into that in a sec…..

I posted a video over on my youtube with a link provided so you can see for yourself what I was talking about in the video. A new version of Wild Orchid Crafts that caters to us here in the US.! Awesome huh? The highlight is that we don’t have to do any conversions of monies nor measurements!!! Love that:)

According to the IP address linked on your computer…the website identifies where your from and automatically opens up the website in a format where we understand!

Now, I wanted to do a small giveaway to those who left a comment on that video….which I will post below….and  who are subbies to my channel and WOC channel! What you have to do is comment on how you like the new version!! 

The new thing though is this…..Paul and Siri knew about the give away and being that there are some new flowers in some new fabulous colors, they will be donating this for the giveaway!!!! (This is the one and only package to be given away!)

This is beyond generous!! right?  I was like omg, I’m going to keep this for myself!!! But I was just kidding!! lol  maybe!!…I will be tempted!! 🙂

So, now that this is up for grabs, I have left the giveaway ope til this weekend!! So, please leave a comment at the video over on my YT and you can win all this!! So cool!

Thanks so much for hanging out wit me!!! enjoy tho video!!

If you double click on the little “Youtube” icon at the bottom right of the video box it will take you to my video where you can leave a comment. If you don’t have a YT account, leave one here on my blog with an email address or just check back later in the weekend , just in case you win!

xo, Jules:)

Feel free to share!