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Anna’s latest bracelets!

Hi people!!

A while back when Anna first left to LA, she asked me to send her some spending money so she can go buy some more pony beads for bracelets. Her BFF Tiana took the stash they had been sharing so she can make some, I guess Anna missed making them and was keeping busy in LA. This one she made for her cousin Alissa, who is a basketball player…a very good one at that!!  I thought it was sooo cool! But here is a pic of them both at “The Octopus” eating sushi!! Anna had just stuck her tongue out at Alissa and was caught! haha

This “Baller” bracelet is one sided, I love that it’s a basketball in the shape of a heart! Sweet!!!

I thought this was so freakin’ cool, like a string of flowers in baby blue and light purple with black centers!

Ah, the Pokemon ball design! I don’t know how she did it!!

I could have sworn there was a white background…?…ma’ bad! It was about 3′ wide. It fit Anthony’s wrist but it was a little struggle to get it on past his hand! That boy played every single sport, so he’s a big boy! But it looked great on!!  Props to Anna!! You go girl!

Thanks for stopping by you guys!

 xoxo Jules:)

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