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On a date!!

Hello everyone!!

Whenever I’m down in L.A. my son loves to take me out whenever he can. I think it’s super sweet and it fills my heart so much! This time around him and Anthony (Lisa’s oldest boy) just got paid for some work and so they both thought to take out their moms! 🙂 …awwww…(i know huh?)…but Lisa and I couldn’t leave our other kids, sooooo….. we all go, all 7 of us!! lol.. 🙂 

20 minutes or so later and we end up in the city of Long Beach, right along the waterfront!! We park, and as I walk up the street I notice on the side of this building a Jazz type of painting that takes up the entire side, I’ve seen painted buildings before but I just wanted to share it with ya…

Looks like a lot of work to me! Pretty cool!  So I get to the restaurant and Manny and Anthony are already there with a table for us all to sit at!

Where did we go..??… a beautiful Greek spot called, “Georges Greek Cafe”! Where the boys say has the best Gyros on the planet!  They ordered for us…. “a sandwich plate” and I get a very nice glass of white wine called Amysthosis ….something, it was so good! Here is my plate!

I must have been hungry cuz I ate the whole sandwich and about a dozen fries! I did get desert but I took that baby home for later!

I had a new digi~cam to play with and so we took a few pics and while playing around with it, Manny finds the Macro setting and was ohh’ing and awww’ing over how cool the meat looked! He took a pic of it up close….

Doesn’t it look yummy! It was!!!!   

We had fun! I love going out with my family and especially my kids! Here they all are, waiting for our plates to come……and waiting some more!  (Sorry this first one is dark in my corner)

Ahhh! waiting for our food! Lisa was looking in the menu to see if some ingredients were listed. She like’s to figure out how things are made!!

Such a funny kid! Anthony is the oldest of the 5 kids. Just turned 21 in April! Lisa’s first bite!!!

The girls were chowing down! I love taking random pics of the kids, they make the best pics sometimes!

Manny and me! My boy is soo cute!!! It was an awesome day and I will cherish every moment I can with him….Anna is coming back home with me!!! haha

Awesome day, awesome moments, awesome family!!

Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo Jules:)

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