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Hmmm, what to tell ya…??

Hello people!

I’ve been in LA for 4 1/2 days and I always love coming. Did you know I grew up here? hmm, just thought to mention that…but, I am so used to what it was like to step outside my front door, take a couple of steps and be inside the mall! ..yeah..not in Oregon, well, not where I live, I gotta drive about an our to the next state to get to a mall now! :/  NOT FUN!…but, at least I get to go to one..(that’s what I tell myself now) So….I get here and get to a Michaels….once!..why, when there is at least 5 within a 5-7 mile radius?….I don’t know!!!! Now I have 4-6 days left and I need to get busy shopping or whatever, because once I’m gone, I don’t know when I’ll be back in LA!  

Ok, well, shopping isn’t the main reason for my visits. Some of you know that My son snatched my daughter from home and brought her down to Cali to hang with him and the fam!……and left me childless!! (boo-hoo, right?) It was just me and my hubby for about 23 days, just us! 🙂 It was really nice not to have to drive Anna around everywhere, or barking out her chores to her that she knows she needs to do anyways. Although I did miss it….my honey and I really took advantage and spent the weekends either, bumming around at home watching movies in bed, or went out for a nice brunch or dinner and walked around, holding hands like when we were young’ins! haha…It was sweet, really sweet….and of course not having to lock the door was a bonus! :)….well, we are grown you know?….what else are we gonna do? …hahaha …we are married, ok, anywhoo, we really had time to just sit and chat, of what..?.. the kids! lol but then, about our future, what we’ve been through what we’ve triumphed over! It was great and again, sweet!

I miss my bed, I miss my hubby, I miss Charley (not in that order)….but I have just a few days. Right now, I do wanna enjoy my kids. Manny is about to start his 3rd year of college and he just turned 20! Oh, I didn’t tell you guys, that I made him a requested dinner! Do you wanna know what it was?   Let me know and I’ll share!  It was great and I was so proud of him. Happy Birthday son!!

Anna has been bunking with Alyssa, my niece, Lisa’s daughter (I mention Lisa a lot I know, but she is like my blood sister and we’re close). Anna isn’t really wanting to go back home although she misses her dad, and I’m sure her room (I’m sure in that order) and maybe her “Tokio Hotel” posters! You know what she’s been doing while here in Cali?….beading! I had to send her a couple packets and another reel of clear flexible thread. Then I sent her some money and she went to Michaels to buy more Pony Beads! She’s made some bracelets for her brother and a friend of the family….I wil need to get some pics (I forgot to) and post them up for you to see. She’s been hanging out with Alyssa and they’ve gone to the mall to shop! She’s gonna dye her hair soon, I’ll need to monitor that before it looks like a rainbow! lol But, weather she wants to or not, she’s coming home!

Lisa took me to the LA Zoo on Friday! I had fun and were able to walk most of it. I took some pics and we snacked on snow cones but omg I was hurting so bad at the end of that trip…I almost didn’t make it to the car after wards! argh!! I really hate how limited I am. I had to sit every few minutes and rest my back, took extra Ibuprofen. I showered when we got back and had to go to bed….I got up every so often, but I relaxed. The Zoo was great and I got to hang out with Lisa and Robin, Lisa’s cousin and her 3 handsome boys! Thanks Lis!!

Well, for now I think that’s all. I think I may share something else from this trip but we’ll see. I will see you guys in the next post. 

Much Love to you guys as always and thanks for stopping by!!!

xoxo Jules:)

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