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Cards for MsClaudia fundraiser.

Hello Jewels!

   Don’t know if you have heard, but one of our youtube scrap-sisters is in need of our help her name is Claudia and this is a link to her YT channel. Please send her a note and keep her in your thoughts and prayers. (66msclaudia)

  Jade at jadedstudios on YT and has put together a fundraiser, go to her YT channel for info. What she is asking for are for volunteers to make a set of 10 identical cards for her to make packets to sell on her blog and the proceeds will go to Claudia. I thought it was an awesome Idea and I couldn’t say no. I want to be part of something helpful, anything to help anyone in need. I have always said I don’t make card cuz I can’t think of how to place layers or images…I have recently become more willing to learn. So, the best thing to do for me is to watch videos and look at pics form other blogs, but my favorite is going to my mags! I love searching for inspiration  from my mags, not that  I don’t from videos or blogs, it’s just that I can take mags anywhere. I don’t have the internet everywhere I go. So I pick on up or grab one from home and read and fold in pages to go back to!:)

This is my set of cards I made for Jade’s fundraiser. I did get an inspiration from “Stampler’s Sampler” summer 2010 edition. It’s a very simple card using Muslin! But I wanted to go further and add some additional but personal touches to it! 

The 1st pic is what I saw in the mag, then mine follow. 

I have them ready for the post office now. I hope they all sell!!!

Your in my prayers Ms Claudia! Thank you Jade for taking this on…I’m sure there will be a huge response for it, bless your heart sweetie!

Thanks to everyone who participated in donating your talent, your heart, your supplies, your money…may you all be blessed and the act returned to you with love!!

I have posted a video of this card set here. Thanks for watching too! 🙂

xoxo Jules

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