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Can’t wait anymore!

Gotta start somewhere, soooo…..I’m gonna open “The Jule Box” and make my kits and things available again! I’m gonna start by uploading my haul vid from I have had this box for almost 2 weeks and haven’t opened it, can you believe that!? I can’t…lol.. I also got some goodies in the mail from a couple ladies and I wanna share so bad! So, gonna try and do that tomorrow! Hopefully I won’t run behind on anything! 

We are having a slow week so far here at home, very relaxing though….but my son caught a cold…poor guy…he was asking me for medicine a bit ago, with his nose all stuffy and running at the same time, which confuses him and ticks him off too! I have to laugh though because he’s so cute sniffling….and I remember when he used to come to me when he didn’t feel good and ask me for something to make him feel “normal” lol! Gave him some generic Tussin which is all I have surprisingly…being a nurse I had everything in my med cabinet, where is everything? Gonna get some better stuff for him tomorrow. I made him some tea and now he’s in bed, sleeping!

OMG! Anna is making beaded jewelry, just with those bright and metallic beads….gonna have to post some pics of the things she’s made! So cool….and she comes to me to show them off, feels so good she wants to hear my opinion….awww….she wuvs her mom! Yeah, gonna get some pics up to show you guys!

It’s past 1:30am and I am sleepy now too. But in the morning I’m gonna go record my haul and GaG’s! yay!

Have a great night you guys….chat again in a bit!

xoxo Jules:)

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