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omg! It’s been so long!!!!!!!!

Well, what can I catch you up on??….other than what you already know from the previous post….I have rested, but also have filled orders…which is funny because I got a couple new orders from some sweet sweet ladies after I had the “time off” video and blog posted and when I emailed them about it, they were both so regretful and wanted to help me figure out what to do:) they were such sweethearts about my emails and everything, so….I did take them, cause I can’t just say no…I figured that I could fill whatever accidentally came through…sooo I did! 🙂 No biggie! But if anyone else wanted to order something and saw the post, I really would appreciate you giving me time to recoup! I really really do appreciate it, so thanks!

So, today, Saturday, very early in the “A.M.” I get on the blog to post some info! I am glad to say I have caught up on all but 1 commitment….this one will take a bit. I then have 1 coming in the Fall, this poor girl has been so patient with me:)  yet…she still wants to do the swap! How sweet!

So the biggie today is that my son is coming home to visit his mama for almost 2 weeks! My first born, now in college, about to turn 20 and has more of a beard than his father! hahaha! I have missed him so stinkin’ much OMG!! I can’t wait to give him a haircut though, wow does this kid grow hair! He hates it, he wishes he would have that prob in the growing department…yeah, he’s a little vertically challenged. haha I’ve said “Hey, at least your taller than me”!, but he doesn’t see much humor in being taller than a 5’3″ lady! I guess *attitude* haha 

I don’t have a whole lot planned other than cooking him his favs….if I can! He loves meat and anything on the BBQ, which is normally, meat!! I will be posting pics soon!!

Anna, just had to say goodbye to her boyfriend of a month, I told her I couldn’t believe it’s been a month!!! haha  Well, he’s gone to hang out with his dad in Alaska for the Summer, but not all summer….6 weeks to be exact. He had a harder time saying good bye than she did she is so much like her dad, just so calm and chill and has a whateva’ (mostly in a good way) attitude, which my son is too! It’s good for them, I guess, they didn’t turn out like me!  I could be a drama queen…well, ya know someone had to be the actor/actress in the family!

Well people, I truly wanna try to start back a little slow. I will be posting a haul and some GaG’s soon. I can’t not share what some awesome ladies sent me….I love sharing moments of surprise with you, especially because of some cool comments that I got about my reaction to GaG’s…I was told it was “Priceless”  Wow! I think it’s funny and embarrassing really..haha oh man!

Love it!! Chat with you guys tomorrow or the next day…always have stuff to share! 🙂

xoxo Always,   Jules:)

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