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Did you order a lace bundle!?? :)

Hey there everyone!
Since last weekend when I posted my lace sale, I had no idea I would get the response that I did!
I had SOOOOOO many orders that first day that I just finished filling orders for that day, 2 days ago!!!! Seriously! 
So I just wanted to tell everyone thank you Thank you!! to everyone who ordered! It helped my family so much!
I have a few spools left but so much of what I had is gone!! 🙂
I wanted to say thank you also for your patience. It’s been about 1 week since I posted that sale and I am so happily buried in orders….I believe I am working on orders from January 28 and 29th now! 
But, if you would like to know if your order has been sent out, you should have or will be getting an email from paypal that your order was “shipped”. If you have not rec’d that yet, it should come in just another day or 2. Again, I really got buried….but you can email me to see where your order is at if you’d like, I totally understand! 🙂
I am working on my lace listing now, that I have temporarily “drafted” off my blog so I can work on adding new arrivals! I’m excited about it!! I have already ordered some more but theyre all coming at different times so it will take me a little longer than I would like to get them posted….
please be patient with me until I can get it up and running ok! Thanks!!
Watch for a video! 
Thanks again everyone for all your support!!
It means more to me than you’ll ever know! :)

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