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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just wanted to wish all of you a wonderful Valentine’s Day!
Nothing like feeling loved and wanted and accepted weather it be by friends or family….but when a person you don’t know sincerely mean it when they say it, it’s so sweet!! I love that about the people I don’t really know and they’ve emailed me just to say they care….Thank you to those who have emailed me today!
To my friends, old, new, those I know who have been around for a long time and not…..Have a very loving Valentine’s Day!! Sending you all tons of hugs and kisses not just for today but for your life! I pray that you find comfort and fulfillment and satisfaction in what you are and who you are! I pray lots of love for you!

To my honey!
Nothing in this world makes my life more complete than you and our kids! I can’t imagine it without you:) Since we met (I was 15) I didn’t know then that you were the one……as we became friends and got to know each other and becoming good buds, it became more apparent to me that you made me happy every time we saw each other….and I felt those butterflies….it was bliss! I have to confess that even after 22 years and going through the storms of marriage….I see now that we both decided to go through them together, holding hands through it all, wiping each others tears, laughing at goofy things said and done and learning to laugh at each others embarrassing moments, I would not change a thing!! I love your hugs, your kisses, when you stroke my face or wipe a tear…I thank God everyday that he brought us together and along with those storms, He’s been the captain of our boat and I would not have it any other way! You are and will always be the “Love of My Life!” I LOVE You!

To my kids! 
Manny and Anna….(21 and 17) I cannot tell you how proud I am of you both!!  You make me laugh and you’ve made me cry, but you’ve also always let me know that you love me! 
I know God sent you both to me to Mother and I hope that I’ve done a good job. What blows my mind about you both is now that you’re grown (pretty much) you guys have never been afraid or embarrassed to say “I love you mom” and hug me! It doesn’t happen to every mother and it’s sad to me, but you both are the best kids a mom could ask for!! 
I’m always here for you and even though you have to live you’re lives, know that my heart is always yours and you know I’ll do anything for you!! Thanks for letting me love and guide you! 🙂 

God I thank you for always putting me in check and reminding me that you are the one who blesses when we’re obedient…even though as your daughter I’ve not always been good, you have….how can I not Love you!? Before I met Manny, I remember I was 14 and not in a good relationship then…I asked you to send me to or send someone to me that would love me for me, someone who would treat me like I deserve, someone who didn’t look for the influence of the world to be a good man, but be obedient to your word and be the man he was called to be. You remind me that no one is perfect, but that you would (as your word says) give me the desires of my heart…and so I thank you for taking care of me, your daughter, as a father should! Thank you for being the influence in our home and in our lives! We surely would have never made it this far without you! Thank you for your love and blessings! I LOVE you!! <3

This picture was taken last year while we were traveling home from a trip…no make-up, just woke up from a nap in the car…..but it was a great little moment to capture…Anna took this picture….thanks mama!

Thanks everyone for stopping by! 
Have a very Blessed Valentine’s Day!


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