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Hello my friends, my lady “jewels”!

Hello again! 

It’s been such a long 2 weeks and I must say that we are doing well! Thank you for all of your messages and comments here and on my YT channel! I really, truly and deeply appreciate it so much!

I will be jumping back in with both feet! Things to create, vids to publish, and friends to love!!! Yes, I mean that! 🙂

Ok, now that I have been more active…I have promised that I will be revising the G45 Clothespin kit! I still am, just waiting for something to come in the mail. I will be posting all that with the title “G45 CP kit…”revised”!  I believe you will all still be pleased with it as you were with the last one… big change is, no more INTERNATIONAL sales..It is way to expensive, and very hard to figure what the shipping costs will be for individuals, since the prices vary from country to country, or, I could just charge a flat rate which may not be fare to those who’s cost wouldn’t normally be high….so, yeah, I apologize to all my overseas friends and customers! All International sales are closed! 🙁

So stay connected and follow my blog to get informed on the CP and another cute crafters project for Father’s Day!!  Yeah Dad’s!!

xoxo always, Jules  🙂

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